Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tornadoes Tuesday threatening

Tornadoes Tuesday threatening

Munich - German. On Monday brings only short cooling. On Tuesday, the temperatures already rising again up to 37 degrees. And then threaten violent storms. The hottest weekend since records began in 1881 is now behind us. In Bavaria Kitzingen a record high of 40.3 degrees was measured. No wonder that in some places it was partly severe storm in the night to Monday. But the slowdown is not permanent.

Tuesday threaten hail and tornadoes
On Tuesday already the temperatures climb already back up to 37 degrees, white meteorologist Dominik Jung the weather portal. Then pull the afternoon Heavy storms with heavy rain, hail and squalls from the west, warns the German Weather Service. Even tornadoes are noisy young in some places can not be excluded. Where exactly turn out the storm particularly fierce, is not foreseeable at present, so it is advisable to pay attention to local weather alerts.

So will the weather in your region
Then is then only once cooling in sight - heat sufferers can then breathe shortly. 18 to 27 degrees are expected on Wednesday yet. For Thursday, the thermometer climb expected only to a maximum of 24 degrees. Then is also an end to the tropical nights last week. At night, the temperatures drop to 10 degrees in places, so young. It may at last be again aired properly.

So is this weekend
What follows is a slight ups and downs of temperatures, but on the whole it remains summery. The weekend brought us again values ​​of 24 to 34 degrees. At the latest on Sunday new thunderstorms are expected at peaks of 28 degrees. The very large Saharan heat, as we have seen in recent days is, according to the outlook for the time being but not return, so young.

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