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Trampoline Fitness: Jump up and get down! Good mood included?

Trampoline Fitness: Jump up and get down! Good mood included?

You want Trampoline Fitness Meet? Then you'll find some useful information on concepts, exercises and if this device is at all suitable for you.

Trampoline fitness should make you happy
Perhaps it conjures you also put a smile on the lips: Trampoline Fitness. Trampoline Fitness comes straight back into fashion - a trend which comes up every now and again, only to fall again into oblivion: a Trendchen so. Currently, media, trade show exhibitors and developers of fitness concepts take the jumping mat with frame again targeted. Why it may be worthwhile for you and your health, to hop on mini trampolines and jump?

Balance Swing: concept for well-being
Hopping and jumping on trampolines can swing you happy. This also believes Yvonne Hyna: The 37-year-old taught groups in mini-trampoline. She's been around for years fitness trainer for group fitness, training to music in groups. Her friend Annett Schoenfelder always worked while on the training area. She owned at that time his own studio, as both were looking for a way to improve the welfare of the customers: "Some members spread their downright bad energy. They were frustrated, stressed and unhappy despite Fitness somehow "Hyna describes the initial situation. They would therefore then looked for something new. And because Hyna made at the time a training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one had come to the other: The movements with diving equipment should swing away the negative energy in the studio almost. So developed both balance Swing: a group concept with mini-trampolines. That was of 2008.

Broadly speaking, the concept is based on the five stages of TCM on: "The building blocks of the 60-minute course consist of the elements, Swing in '(warm-up: Rising Year), Cardio Swing' (work for the heart and circulatory system: Radiant year), balance and stability '(descending year), balance and Workout' (strengthening elements: Rising Yin) and, Balance Relax '(descending Yin), "explains Hyna. You can make your body through trampolining so strong and improve your stability and functioning of your cardiovascular system. In their courses run special music, all participants always resonate with one foot, or at least the bales on the jumping mat: no shoes. In germany is the "with garter socks" Hyna laughs.

Jumping Fitness
With shoes and with more speed you can impoverish you in the course concepts of Jumping fitness. Jumping fitness as Balance Swing also available throughout Germany. According to the company, these are a dynamic fitness training; For example, with traditional aerobic steps. By the trampoline are the joints than on solid ground. By Jumping Fitness sense of balance and body coordination to be substantially improved. There also quick sprint similar jumps and slow, dating back to the martial arts.

Who trampoline fitness is useful for?
Or rather: Who says anything about it? Hyna: "Since gravitational forces that are four times as strong as the body weight, I recommend pregnant women training on a trampoline is not."

Jörn Rühl is speaker for fitness, health Sport and nature Sport at the German Gymnastics Federation: "Even women who have just given birth should prefer to wait with such training, to the pelvic floor has strengthened," he says.

According Hyna people should better dispense with acute injury to this form of fitness. Caution should be exercised in epileptics. For patients who want to start after undergoing therapy intervertebral disc incidents and other previous damage, loud motto: start slowly! "The best way to try once before such a course visit home and increase daily: on the first day five minutes on the second ten, then for 15 minutes," she recommends.

Exercising on the mini trampoline at home
But you have to generally be aware of when buying a mini trampoline? Such a purchase is worth it at all? Jörn Rühl sees the purchase of such equipment for home use rather critical: "I believe that it is for home behaves with such devices as with stationary bikes and other equipment: You give the buyer only the good feeling of having done something for their health and then they gather dust in the basement. "

You should therefore carefully consider whether you really the guy who sportelt alone at home. Here you should also keep in mind how much you want to invest. Hyna discourages devices from discount off because they've tried it: "You should have to buy a higher quality product, because the trampoline wear otherwise too fast. Some cheap products also the jumping surfaces are too hard. "

What exercises you lay at home los best?
You can order you books or DVDs. Yvonne Hyna tells you a few tips: "point to swing you gently with both feet on the trampoline and start. Then circles with your arms backwards, ie shoulder opening in front of your body. Even so you build from stress because open the capillary. Finally, you try to stand on one leg. Then you switch to the other leg. Have Fun! "

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