Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TRX Bands: systems and alternatives at a glance

TRX Bands: systems and alternatives at a glance
TRX is the new trend sport, which promises to be a training of many different muscle groups. eVivam gives you an overview of TRX bands and alternatives. 

As an alternative to US TRX bands German manufacturers like aerobis have high quality sling trainer in the range. Sling or sling trainer, which include the TRX straps, originally come from Scandinavia, where they are already being used by physical therapists for more than two decades. Randy Hetrick, inventor of the US TRX suspension training, has the Slingtrainer simplified so that it is available for everyone. Meanwhile, there are a variety of these training tapes on the market, which are a real alternative to American TRX model. They vary in price, in quality and handling. The photo gallery gives an overview of original TRX systems and models from other manufacturers.

Sling trainer for the home or the Nature
Thanks to handy dimensions and a weight of generally less than one kilo can also use it at home and take with you anywhere you Suspension Trainer, about traveling to the hotel or in the nature. You need only provide a solid anchor point at a height of about 2.1 to 2.8 meters. In return, supporting beams, ceilings, railings, doors, trees or climbing frames are suitable. And you need a training area - about 2,5x1,8 meters.

Training with the World Boxing Champion
Wladimir Klitschko also has developed a suspension trainer. The so-called HEX exerciser (High Effective Exercise) is part of its highly efficient total body workout, which makes available the basic elements of his professional training for everyone. His training method, which is suitable for beginners as well as ambitious athletes makes, not only fitter, athletic and muscular, but should also help combat stress and promote your assertiveness.

To achieve good and long-term success, advises Klitschko, every day to train for 30 minutes. The boxing champion will show you in person in the form of videos, how to do it. You have to "Performance Klitschko Body" to log on the training platform. The contribution for a twelve-month access to the online portal with integrated web app is 189 euros and includes the introductory offer, the HEX-training equipment, as well as a digital skipping rope. Note: Currently a registration due to overloading of the website is not possible (as of April 2015).

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