Monday, July 6, 2015

WhatsApp: Send YouTube video

WhatsApp: Send YouTube video

Use your smartphone often to watch YouTube videos? Would you like to share a funny clip with friends, this is also about WhatsApp! COMPUTER IMAGE shows what to do! Explains step by step how it works! Do you know that? They rummage around in the YouTube app and came across a funny video clip. Shared joy is double joy we all know - and therefore the video also friends and family amused, send it to someone WhatsApp. COMPUTER IMAGE shows how to do it!

Android: Send YouTube videos
Who owns an Android smartphone, sent links of YouTube videos without too much effort. All you need is the official YouTube app from the Google Play Store and an active WhatsApp account. Imports of products shipped through the Messenger service YouTube clips can be called up on the phone of the recipient. First, open the YouTube app and locate the video you want. Then tap the video and select the "Share" icon - on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sees the symbol as an arrow out, but the representation may vary by device and operating system. Next, tap the WhatsApp icon and then select those that you want to receive the video link. Friends or family members will then receive a link with a small thumbnail and the title of the video.

iPhone: Send YouTube videos
On the iPhone you share YouTube links in a similar fashion. Here is the official YouTube app requirement. Now, open the video you want and tap the "Share" icon. Unfortunately you can not send as on Android smartphones the clip directly via WhatsApp, but first need to copy the link. Now the link of YouTube clips is in the cache of your smartphone. Next, you open WhatsApp and keep the chat window of the contact or the group pressed a finger to the text input field until the "Paste" option appears; add so now the YouTube URL. Although on the iPhone only the link is visible, even a small preview appears when receiving the video on an Android device.

Send Large Files
WhatsApp has a limit of 16 megabytes for video delivery. You want to send a larger clip? In this case, you must compress or cut the file before sending. How to do this, refer to the COMPUTER BILD article "WhatsApp: To send large videos!". By; Eun-Yong Park

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