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Windows 10: Practice Test, Release and fresh info

Windows 10: Practice Test, Release and fresh info

Slowly, but surely, Windows 10 nourishes the completion. On the Internet a version is now surfaced, consider the experts as a final version. Microsoft keeps in line with expectations covered. Windows 10: Practice Test, rumors and fresh information only sleep a few times, then Windows 10 is just around the corner.  COMPUTER you will learn what is new. Microsoft is about everything: The company brought with Windows 7 a popular product on the market, however, no longer is available for sale. The sales figures of Windows 8 falter even in the smartphone market. Big hopes are pinned on Windows 10, in seven versions will appear on 29 July 2015; Experts suggest that it has to go on July 15 to the PC manufacturer. Whether Microsoft distributed the version and the Windows 10 beta testers, is more than questionable. COMPUTER BILD test the latest beta versions since the start of the beta program. Here you can read all about what's new - and what they bring.

Windows 10: News and rumors
July 7, 2015: Is Windows 10 already finished?
On July 29, 2015, the big date! Then Microsoft Windows 10 will released into the world. However, the final version should be ready much earlier so that software and hardware manufacturers can already use test respectively. On the Internet a beta version is now surfaced with the build number 10176 and the symbol Th1. Th1 could stand for Threshold, the former code name for the Windows 8 successor. The US news portal Neowin claims to have learned from parties related to Microsoft sources, the RTM is scheduled for completion on July 9, 2015. RTM stands for Release To Manufacturer (version manufacturer). This is the version, play the PC maker to your new computer. It is generally believed that Microsoft's RTM is distributed later than 15 July 2015 PC and software manufacturers. Whether the same also goes to the beta testers, is open. But it will probably be later this week another new beta version, which among other things, the new Apps brings Groove Music and Video & TV. 

The software giant has repeatedly pointed out that Windows 10 does not reach its final stage. Rather, it will probably be the publication date on July 29, 2015, renewed update. And ever considered the new Microsoft Windows rather than progressive service because as a finished product. The next major update to wave in the fall with new features for the browser Edge follow and the language assistant Cortana. Then also to get the Windows 10 versions for smart phones and the Xbox. 

July 3, 2015: Build 10162 including ISOs and prices are as
Microsoft has already released a new beta two days after the previous one. The now carries the build number 10,162th It is available for all testers, whether selected in the Update settings "Fast" or "Slow". Similarly, there are Microsoft fresh ISO files, 10 involve the complete Windows for a new installation. The download of the 64-bit variant is about 4 gigabytes in size and recommended for most computers. Often only older computers do not have 32-bit processors. But for there is a Microsoft Windows-10- beta version . The website Winfuture also reports that euro prices are for Windows 10 appeared on the Internet. So to cost on a USB stick 119 euros the home version. Therefore 199 euros are due for the Professional version.

July 2, 2015: System displays operating instructions
As of today, show Windows 10-prerelease versions of operating instructions. They appear by pop-up windows and want testers bring the operating system more closely. The announced Microsoft Vice President Joe Belfiore via Twitter . In the final retail version, the tips no longer appear. Such pop-ups you already know from Windows 8.1: To make users familiar with the tile system, diving in small numbers window that demonstrate the use of the screen corners.

July 1, 2015: New Build 10159 is there
Slowly comes Windows 10 the final version more closely. Just one day after publication of Build 10158 shoved Microsoft last night after another Preview. Who in the settings under Update and Security and Advanced Options has chosen the type of installation "Fast" version can download and install 10159 immediately. The new version will contain around 300 bug fixes, so Windows Insder CEO Gabriel Aul in Windows Blog . Why could not deliver again after one day Microsoft, Aul explained by internal test runs. So build was 10158 tested in the fast ring through its paces one week before delivery yesterday. In addition to numerous bug fixes to testers can look forward in particular to an optical innovation: The first version 10159 contains the new background image "Hero". It already appears in the lock screen. To see the background image on the desktop, click the right mouse button on a blank area of the desktop, to adjust and the new wallpaper.

July 1, 2015: Build 10158/10159: Other new features
Much of the new features since Build 10158 relates to Microsoft's browser Edge, its app for the first time also contributes no longer the working title Project Spartan (see News of 30 June 2015). 
Also new: Microsoft's language assistant Cortana supports both Edge and the business version of Office 365 finally calling by voice command. It is enough, while working "Hey, Cortana" to call and then call the desired search or command. If Cortana not responding, click in the search field, the third icon from the top, settings and activate the "Hey, Cortana."  By the way: Who so far learned about innovations in Windows 10 by Insider Hub, will miss the app. Microsoft has the function but not deleted but only deactivated. To the insider stroke back on, click Start, point to Settings , System , Apps & Features , Managing Optional Features , Feature add , in the list on Insider Hub and install .

June 30, 2015: New Build 10158 is there
Participants in the Windows beta program can download a new build of Windows 10 from now - provided that Windows 10 is in the "fast-Ring". Starts the update automatically, you push it to yourself: do this, click the Windows logo, settings , and update safety and Check for Updates . The update is performed in several steps, but it runs without interruption. At first, the update will be dubbed. Then the message appears that the computer is restarted. Follow the prompt, shut down the computer and automatically starts an update notice. After a few minutes the black window "Upgrading Windows" appears with a progress bar. The test computers in the newsroom this window disappeared after about 50 minutes and 10 Windows rebooted - but again showed initially only a notice that a few things are still to be done. Overall, the update took to build 10158 about 70 minutes.  
According to Windows beta Chef Gabriel Aul version 10158 to be virtually error-free. Accordingly, Microsoft has been able to eliminate all known serious bugs. COMPUTER BILD test the latest version at present and will tell you shortly what Build 10158 is good.

June 30, 2015: Build 10158 - Project Spartan is finally Edge
The new build brings a few overdue innovations: The browser has finally got his final name Edge and appeared with his logo in the taskbar. Edge can now dark: Instead of the somewhat insipid white there is the browser in a black appearance. This can be accomplished in your browser settings. There there is now also a switch for superimposing home icon that appears next to the address bar. Clicking on it opens the browser home page. Another new feature is to enable a password manager and to import bookmarks from other browsers the opportunity. 

On the Start menu drop by clicking on "All Apps" new entries. With "Get Skype" you can start downloading the video calling app. Clicking on "Get Office" opens a window advertising for Microsoft's Office package. On a test computer Office 2016 was already installed. Here also appeared new Office Mobile apps: Word Mobile Preview, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile Preview Preview. All mobile apps could be run smoothly and offered a touch-friendly surface. By contrast, leaving the applications to Office 2016 or about Word 2016 no longer use. They started with the error message that a license would issue and acknowledged the service then.  The app Phone Companion, which is Android, Apple and Windows smartphones to be running Windows 10 couple, is available only as an icon in the Start menu. Clicking on it brought to the test computers nothing.

June 24, 2015: Microsoft calls retail price in Euro
Already in early June had official selling prices for the Home and Pro version of Windows 10 called Microsoft - but only in dollars. Now for the first time a prize for German buyer has surfaced. Who called "Get Windows 10" opens app on Windows 7 or Windows 8, recently given an indication that he saves 135 € with reservation of free upgrades. In small print is that this is the expected euro price for 119-dollar home variant. The relatively high euro price can probably be explained by the still missing in the dollar offer VAT. The Pro version, which Microsoft had estimated at $ 199, is therefore likely to be at 229 euros and the rumored 19 mail-called 40-dollar special for XP-transfer passengers at 46 euros.

June 24, 2015: Control Panel is slowly dying out
The classic Control Panel in Windows 10 is removed sooner or later. This was confirmed by Gabriel Aul, Chief of the Insider program, via Twitter . Even with Windows 8 migrated in 2012, the first known system options in the new app "PC Settings", and with the pre-release versions of Windows 10 was followed by other functions. Since the Control Panel still shows up even in the most recent builds of Insider Preview, questions kept coming back to the whereabouts of the former Einstellzentrale. With his Tweet Aul therefore also made ​​it clear that the system control only disappears when the new menu support all settings. Whether this is already the case with the 10 appearing July 29 final version of Windows, may be doubted.

June 19, 2015: Makes Microsoft Automatic Updates to duty?
Rumors in this direction are not new, but so far there was nothing concrete. Now, however, Microsoft itself provides a talking point: On an English Information page for Windows 10, the manufacturer specifies automatically deploy updates for Windows 10 Home. In the production and business version is intended, however, can be moved to install the patches. The note, Microsoft has indeed now removed, the announcement still reads as if Microsoft make automatic updates to duty. Overlooking the safety of many Windows PCs a comprehensible decision. Ambitious PC users should not like that. An official confirmation in this regard is still pending.

June 16, 2015: Microsoft will dub the installation files before the July 29, 2015
Since a few days it is Windows 7 and 8 users possible to reserve the upgrade to Windows 10. Who does that, to Windows 10 from 29 July 2015 to install. Apparently, the installation files are loaded to previously on the computer in the days. At least, writes Forbes.com . Senseless this claim is not. As it would alleviate the problem with the data load Microsoft. The Windows 10 downloads will be at least about three gigabytes hard. So great are in any case the previous beta versions of Windows 10. Details for storage process are not known, about whether Microsoft installation files without being asked about playing in the background, or where these files are stored. 

June 12, 2015: Reinstalling Build 10130 possible
Microsoft has the ISO files 10130 released for Insider Preview Build downloaded. This clears the way for the complete installation of Windows 10 Nine is free. Before the upgrade only from an existing Windows 10 Beta to version 10130 was possible. The download includes the 32-bit (x86) version 2.8 gigabytes. The 64-bit (x64) variant is almost 3.8 gigabytes in size. To make it an installation DVD, you must right-click the file in Windows outplayed 7 or 8 and then burn disk image Select. Do you want to produce an installation USB flash drive, must have at least one of these storage capacity of 8 gigabytes. With the free "Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool" then transfer the ISO image to the stick. Caution: In the process all existing data on the stick will be gone.  

June 3, 2015: Auto-update for virus protection
Relatively insignificant in the Windows 10 specifications Microsoft announced plans to bring current antivirus programs when upgrading to Windows 10 automatically to a compatible version. Thus, initially installed on Windows 7 or 8.1 Antivirus version will be deleted. After upgrading to Windows 10, the operating system will automatically search for the compatible version, installed and enabled this. If Windows 10 no suitable antivirus program, or is the old anti-virus protection expired, it activates the built-in Windows Defender. 

As far as the promise of Microsoft. If the flaps, all manufacturers of antivirus 2015 (launch of Windows 10) compatible versions must have completed on 29 July. It is still unclear whether these programs then come out of the new Windows Store, and thus can be completely uninstalled also. Or whether the manufacturers provide their own installation and uninstallation routines are available which do not always clean and can cause problems.

June 3, 2015: Complete new installation possible
It is generally known that as of July 29, 2015 users of the Home and Pro versions of Windows 7 and 8 may upgrade to Windows 10 Home or Pro for free. Is Windows 10 once it should also be possible a complete reset, ie including delete all contents on the hard disk. That explained the director of the Windows 10 beta program, Gabriel Aul, via Twitter . He apologized for the inaccurate statements so far and provided a detailed explanation in view.  This is good news. Because in some PC issues a complete reinstall is useful, if not necessary.

June 2, 2015: First patch for build 10130
The weekend Distributed Build 10130 Windows 10-insider Preview contained two known bugs. Already on June 2, 2015 gave Microsoft corresponding troubleshooting via an update to. The patch KB3069068 to fix the unexpected tearing the existing WLAN connection in build 10130, Patch KB3069065 the crash the Mail app. The improvements can be as usual install through Windows Update. Just click on Start , Settings , and Security Update and Check for Updates . After the update is complete, you restart the computer.

June 1, 2015: Windows 10 comes the end of July
Finally Microsoft reveals concretely, when Windows 10 is finished. According to a press release, the Redmond publish the system on 29 July 2015. As benefits the developer prices in the message, the Start menu, the language assistant Cortana, the browser Edge and universal Windows Store as a software reference source. On a special website users have the opportunity to get your free upgrade to order a user of Windows 7 and 8 can upgrade for free. Click on the page to login for e-mails , you will get more information about Windows 10 and a switchover notification.

May 30, 2015: Build 10130 is there
The previous Windows Beta with build number 10122 is just 2 weeks old, and according to experts, should actually be the last before the final release. But now Microsoft has still a Beta pushed in between. In it, there are many detail improvements. So Microsoft has many symbols missed a fresher design. The returned in Windows Start menu can now be fine adjusted in the settings. The jump lists that appear on an entry in the taskbar by right-clicking, now look underlaid modern and dark. In the new browser Edge (who was still called Project Spartan) can now find the Favorites bar so that it appears to be permanent. That is, according to Microsoft will also work for other browsers strips. In the absence of such additional strips COMPUTERBILD but could not yet verify. 

However, there are several known bugs. So should the Mail app crash frequently and sometimes fold the wireless connection only after a computer restart. On the Internet, also frequent the messages that the version can not load or the installation fails with an error message. There are currently no solution to these installation problems.

May 29, 2015: Microsoft wants to unravel last secrets
Windows 10 that is most over already known. Even a fairly current test version of the new operating system provides the otherwise closed group ready for enthusiasts to try out. About some details to the software giant wraps so far, however, in silence, but the current is thus reportedly closing soon. As Microsoft has confirmed over COMPUTER BILD, the Group is planning for June 1, 2015 fuller announcement about Windows 10. At present we can be assumed that Microsoft then reveals the last mysteries about the exact release date, details about the update conditions , prices.

May 29, 2015: release date is?
When Windows 10 appears exactly Microsoft has not yet revealed. So far, says the manufacturer only from the summer of 2015. As now several sources independently report to be certain of the exact schedule. Thus, Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 desktop PCs, notebooks and Tablets larger end of July 2015. This sounds plausible since July in the past often been mentioned. Most concrete case was the AMD chief Lisa Su. In a conference call with investors called the July 29, 2015 as release date for Windows 10. According to the rumors, Microsoft will provide the hardware manufacturers already the end of June 2015, the RTM version, so that further integrate their devices to the new operating system.

May 19, 2015: Windows 10 is for XP users costs $ 40
The always reliable Russian rumors page wzor.net scatters just tweeted information about the price, must be paid to Windows XP customers to upgrade to Windows 10. Accordingly wzor.net wants related Microsoft sources have learned that the switch about 40 US dollars will cost (the equivalent of about 36 Euro) - XP users can obtain Windows 10 then in the 32-bit home version. Whether in future there will also tender for the 64-bit or the Pro versions, is unknown. The update should be possible only via online download.

May 19, 2015: Special Windows 10 offer for pirates
While owners of original Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 upgrade licenses for a specified period for free on Windows 10, apply for pirates separate regulations. Users of an illegal Windows version will not receive free update, writes Terry Myerson vice president in Microsoft blog . Together with OEM partners such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft wants owners of a Windows-piracy but offer a particularly attractive proposition for a legal Windows 10 license; Details conceals the software giant still. Discovered Microsoft as part of a validation illegal Windows 10 version, the operating system displays a watermark on the desktop. If you get to such a computer, replace him and inform Microsoft. A recognized as bootleg Windows 10 license receives no way, system and security updates. Tip: At Ebay you purchase a legal upgradable Windows 7 license available for less than 20 euros. Cheaper you get Windows 10 currently does not (as it becomes available).

May 14, 2015: Windows 10 comes in various versions
Microsoft has no prices and dates mentioned, but probably tell, in which variants Windows 10 appears. In an official Windows blog Microsoft lists the following options: • Windows 10 Home: This is the name of the standard version for the normal user. Home should be suitable for all desktop PCs, notebooks, and 2-in-1 Convertible. According to Microsoft, the release contains all the important innovations: the digital assistant Cortana, the new browser Edge, Continuum for 2-in-1 devices with touch and keyboard operation, the access control by iris, face and fingerprint recognition called Windows Hello (to correspondingly equipped devices) as well as the fresh Apps Photos, Maps, Mail, Calendar, Music and Video. In addition is the new Xbox app. • Windows 10 Pro: This version is designed to provide additional security features, which may be relevant for smaller companies. Microsoft speaks little spongy them that can be commercially sensitive data protection. Business units are can be managed more easily. So administrators set individually which Windows updates are when loaded. In addition, there should be extra-cloud capabilities. • Windows 10 Mobile: So now Microsoft calls the Windows for small touch devices like smartphones and tablets. The home features and apps should be available in a touch optimized version also in this variant. A special feature is for Continuum Phone to allow the smartphone to be used as a computer center for the monitor, keyboard and mouse operation. Microsoft mentioned in this context once again that free Windows-7, -8 and -Phone-8.1 users may upgrade 10 versions Home, Pro and Mobile on the respective Windows. For the free upgrade, users have one year time. • Windows 10 Enterprise: This is the version for medium and large companies with special security features. This version will be available only with volume licensing. • Windows 10 Education: The version for schools and universities, there are also only with volume licensing. • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise: This version is only available as a volume license. It provides special security features for the enterprise.

In addition to more customized versions for ATMs and mini-computer as the Rapsberry Pi appear. Microsoft continues to confirm the release date of the system during the summer of 2015. In the autumn should follow an update with additional security features.

May 13, 2015: Cortana finally speaks German
Microsoft has claimed in January that the digital assistant Cortana German speak. On many computers, the lady went on strike but so far. Now Microsoft has nachgeschoben an updated sound card drivers from Realtek. And now listen to Cortana finally on German word. Since Realtek drivers potter in almost all Medion and Aldi computers, likely with a finite number of German momentum to benefit from the German Cortana. If Windows 10 does not automatically provide the driver update, you can normally initiate the update via Windows Update in the settings. Initial tests showed that the word recognition already works quite well. However, it almost always ends up with the German Cortana in Bing search results, or more rarely with Microsoft's own apps - so the question leads to the Weather for Windows-weather app. But ask for a destination or a date end up with Bing. Since the English Cortana is already smarter.

May 12, 2015: Microsoft confused beta testers Free update
Beginning in May 2015 through the Internet buzzed a rumor that Microsoft wanted to give all beta testers Windows 10. Origin of the conjecture was Microsoft itself. Gabriel Aul, the boss of the Windows 10 beta test had, via Twitter fanned the speculation. When asked whether receive Windows Insider Windows 10 free, he replied with a curt "Yes." Now Aul rowed back and grabbed an "only for Windows-7 and -8 users" on it. The benefit for beta testers fades so. Because Windows 10 can upgrade for free anyway all Windows-7 and -8 users. Restriction: This is, according to Microsoft only for one year possible. Although during this time installed Windows 10 versions continue to run, but newcomers will have to pay for it. For this reason, some beta testers now suspect that they are not tied to the one-year period and also later allowed 7 or 8 upgrade to Windows 10 nor Windows. However, then this is probably only possible with the PC on which ran the Windows 10 beta. It is time that Microsoft makes clear statements.

May 8, 2015: Is Windows 10 the final version of the OS?
On the Ignite Conference Jerry Nixon had announced that Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, which evolve in the future, the developers constantly. Subliminally tells the Microsoft representative with so that there 7 or 8 no longer are more releases like Windows in the future. It seems that Microsoft so focused on the model upgrade of Windows 10, which is the main product in the long run. The fact that the company does not earn any more money with Windows, does not mean this news, however: Only the first year after the release there are Windows 10 to Windows 7 and -8 users for free; who wants to change after that, to pay. The same applies to interested XP or Vista users.

May 7, 2015: Windows 10 initially without OneDrive App
That Windows 10 at the beginning does not yet offer the full functionality, is no secret. It has been learned, the popular OneDrive App for Windows 10 startup is not yet ready. This emerges from a roadmap out of the cloud storage, which Microsoft recently published. Accordingly OneDrive appear until the fourth quarter of 2015. The synchronization of your files on OneDrive must therefore be done in Windows 10 for the time being quite classic with the sync client. And is located at this time, according to the Roadmap still in beta. When the finished app will appear and the Desktop program replaces, is not known.

May 6, 2015: Microsoft confirms free Windows for Windows Insider
The rumor mill has been bubbling to the effect already, now it has Aul gift from Microsoft in a recent Tweet confirmed: If the final version of Windows 10 appears, participants in the insider program may use the operating system on! They have to install both the possibility of an "insider" to stay and latest builds, as well as to the final version (RTM) to update. Participants of the program should the news insider pleased.

May 6, 2015: published bugfix for Build 10074
Microsoft has released the update KB3062095 to build 10074 released, the only fixes minor bugs in the version. So the problem has now been solved, that the Start Menu suddenly jumps in changes of system settings to the image. In the new Edge Browser (Project Spartan) Microsoft has bolted to the stability to reduce crashes.

Surfaced Build 10108 with design finishing touches: May 5, 2015
The English-language Internet portal Neowin got all appearances the build version 10108 in the fingers and shows pictures of it. The screenshots can be found in the gallery "Secret Images unreleased Windows 10 build s " pictures still secret Windows 10 builds . In the photos optical adjustments are to be seen essentially. Thus, the on / off switch are now colored instead of black and white. The Launch App "Getting Started" has received new video. In addition, the music app is now at the start release notes. Until now suspected that beta versions, whose last three digits are 100 prepare the autumn update. Builds with smaller numbers should be established for the first release of Windows 10 - probably comes Microsoft's new operating system in late July 2015th

5. Mail 2014: From the Windows Media Center
Microsoft delivers Windows 10 without Windows Media Center. The claims journalist Ed Bott . He had learned this information on the BUILD developer conference by Microsoft executives. That Microsoft does not love the elderly MediaCenter particularly, has long been known. Even in Windows 8 you have it no longer updated. Windows 10 is so readily plays no video DVDs. Windows 10 beta boss gift Aul tweeted however already that you subsequently files this feature later. Until then, the popular recommend VLC Media Player , which effortlessly plays video DVDs and more in Windows 10.

May 5, 2015: No Start menu after you upgrade to Build 10074?
Microsoft has per patch some errors in the current Windows 10 build 10074 solved and additionally donated a new feature. For some users occurred after upgrading to 10074 to problems with the Start menu and Cortana. Both could no longer invoke a click. On a test computer in COMPUTER BILD editorial the bugs were actually on. After the update, everything worked as it was before. To start the Windows Update feature without the Start menu, clicking the right mouse button is enough to the Windows desktop. Then, click Customize and navigate as usual to Windows Update. According to Microsoft should be able to install the patch even playing movies with Dolby Digital Pro Sound. What programs or Apps to use this new feature, Microsoft does not say in the update description. But probably can now be purchased from the Windows Store movies play accordingly.

April 29, 2015: Windows 10, there are free for beta testers
Microsoft wants to thank all appearances in all beta testers and gives the participants the insider program Windows 10. The tweeted any case, the well-informed, as a rule Russian Internet portal wzór . Accordingly, Microsoft wants to give the beta testers probably via update the full version. Whoever assembled all his computers with the Vorabersion, it also gets the full license - this is probably not transferable to other computers. More Details COMPUTERBILD expected during the evening of April 29, 2015 starting developer Fair BUILD.  

April 29, 2015: Secret new Beta (Build 10074) available on the Internet
Shortly before the start of the Microsoft developer Fair BUILD a brand new preview version of Windows 10 has escaped into the Internet. Most likely will officially make this release at the fair also available Microsoft. COMPUTER BILD has the same version installed and tested. Total Build 10074 makes again a rounder and fuller impression than version 10061, which is officially available since mid-April 2015. The aufpoppende menu of Cortana received finishing touches and now also owns the "Hamburger" menu: These are typical in Windows 10 three horizontal strokes that it offer more setting options by clicking. In addition, Microsoft has revived the Aero effect of Windows 7: The Start menu is transparent and now offers blur effects. Long awaited, now there: The live tiles move on to the Start menu and now offer animated flashing additional information, such as weather information, stock information, or new emails. The leaked build is available online as an installation file. With it, Windows will install fully. Officially Microsoft has so far only the version 10041 for a new installation.

April 28, 2015: First beta of Windows 10 successor spotted
On April 29, 2015 Microsoft will start the conference BUILD in San Francisco. In Internet secret Windows versions are meanwhile apparently surfaced. The latest appears to be Build 100107, which claims to have discovered the Russian website wzór plus tweeted . The Russians suspect that the version of the development of the Windows-10-successor, which will be released in autumn 2016. There are reliable details about the changes but not yet. In addition, making a build with version number 10074 the round. Behind suspected wzór the Windows beta for developers who will likely spread over tomorrow's BUILD conference. So currently circulating lots of beta versions of Windows 10 alone from the official beta, there are two variants. About the so-called "Slow Ring" Microsoft distributes currently the build version 100041 . This is the more or less stable beta, which can also be installed by ISO file as a completely new Windows. For some experimental joyful people there are the newer build version 10061, which are in the "Fast Ring". At this later version, you come so far only via update of an existing Windows 10th

April 28, 2015: Hardware rumors before BUILD
Prior to the developer conference BUILD there are also plenty of rumors that Microsoft can there actually out of the bag. Of course, Windows 10, including the Phone version will be a big issue. COMPUTER BILD expects there preliminary versions are in addition to seeing from new Microsoft hardware. Microsoft will definitely bring news about the upcoming virtual reality goggles HoloLens with Windows 10 operating system. May be the software giant out also about a new Surface Pro tablet. The fitness bracelet Microsoft tape is so far available only in the US and a few other countries. Experts expect a technical update and the imminent worldwide availability. In the slipstream of Apple Watch Microsoft could also announce its own SmartWatch. On the official Microsoft site to build there is still no precise list of topics.

April 23, 2015: Build 10061 with much fine tuning
Last night Microsoft has released a new beta version of Windows 10. Participants of the Windows 10-insider program can update their 10 Windows with it. Completely new features are indeed rare, instead, Microsoft has released the operating system further pimped and optimized many features. So the Off icon in the Start Menu window wandered down to the vicinity of the Windows logo. The Start menu is now in the height adjustable, the width in several stages selectable. The desktop icons were given a facelift; so the trash no longer acts as taken from Windows 3.11 times. The digital assistant Cortana heard at the first test in the newsroom is still not to the letter, even though it seems cheerfully waiting for orders. All news of the latest version, see the Photogallery on this page.

April 21, 2015: If Windows 10 in July 2015?
Officially called Microsoft still no start date for the sale of Windows 10. So far there is from the software giant, only the nebulous wording that the new OS will come in summer 2015. But to all appearances has Lisa Su, head of the processor manufacturer AMD, accurate information. Because according to the US website The Verge called on demand as the launch date in late July 2015. AMD has high hopes for Windows 10. The operating system is to revive the PC business as a whole, according to Su. Since AMD plans to release a new generation of graphics cards this year, a new operating system would be helpful - especially since AMD recently announced poor sales figures .

APRIL 13: Build 10056 sighted
The Russian website wzór has again a current Windows 10 build on the winding. The changes in it are not serious, but interesting. So Microsoft has replaced the somewhat shabby-looking trash can icon. That now looks much more appealing and more complete. The taskbar icons for virtual desktops and Cortana Suchschlitz have been slightly altered. 

On the Start menu, the turn-off icon from the upper right corner to the lower left on the entry "All Apps" has migrated. Thus, it can be reached more quickly by clicking on the Windows logo. Even at the new browser Spartan Microsoft has filed. So this is now also load without additional tools PDF documents, view, and save. Otherwise, the new build should have received a few bug fixes, according wzór. The wzór screenshots can be found below in the gallery: Windows 10: The Consumer Preview Overview .

April 10, 2015: Microsoft Unified Store
Windows has it yesterday in his blog announced: In Windows 10, there is a "Unified Store" for music, movies, apps. The complete solution Microsoft draws equal with competitors Google and Apple: iTunes and Google Play stuck films, TV series, music, apps already under one roof. In the coming builds of Windows 10 users will find first beta versions of Unified Stores , Already on Xbox purchased movies and series indicates the Unified Store, you can download for free here.

April 9, 2015: Start menu size and virtualization
In the new Windows 10 can individually adjust the size of the Start menu. In previous build versions it was already possible, but error-prone. Therefore, Microsoft had removed the function. Earlier this week, now confirmed Gabriel Aul, Chief of the beta program, on Twitter that the feature will come back definitely in Windows 10. Moreover, Aul explained two updates for the build 10049: Many users have reported problems with Outlook and Hyper-V, the virtualization program. So Before updating new emails in Outlook could not discover in 2013 and 16 of the search - the activation of Hyper-V was not possible to build 10049. Microsoft brings to the recently available updates KB3053902 and KB3053898 appropriate solutions.

April 8, 2015: Patch for Windows 7 and 8.1 installed Update Info
The update number KB3035583 informs you users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 when Windows 10 available. In addition, the update downloads to run on the new program. As the site Myce reported there should be 10 different alert phases in Windows. Accordingly indicate various messages on the move to Windows 10. Apparently Microsoft wants to deliver even more detailed explanations about the tool. Currently, the update is not mandatory, possibly Microsoft changes the tool but soon accordingly. The patch is a further measure, so that as many users to switch as soon as possible on Windows 10. The new operating system is the manufacturer for those who install it in the first year, permanently free of charge.

April 7, 2015: New mail & Calendar apps
As the blog Winfuture reported is a new build version 10051 in circulation. In particular, the user interface has changed. Everything is structured and the operation of touch devices should therefore be easier. Even the apps developers by Microsoft have worked. New features include e-mail and the calendar app and an application called "Microsoft Family". The fresh email app comes in a sleek design and branding continue without Outlook. The app can be customized, for example you set a background image now. The Calendar app has received a fresh coat of paint. They strongly reminiscent of the surface of the recently launched Office touch . For Microsoft Family-app are currently no details available. Probably can be there in future parental controls and other restrictions to control centrally.

April 1, 2015: New music and video App
Almost synchronously with Build 10049 Microsoft has the music and video apps overhauled and packed in the Windows 10 Store. Although these are , according to Microsoft is not yet finished, but the purchase of music and movies should thus soon be much more comfortable. In the Music app are still several improvements such as context menus and a compact mode expected. The Video App to continue to offer a new device management to distribute content on its own devices. Another good news for video fans: Windows 10 should also play files in MKV format with subtitles. According to the English-language website WinBeta builds Microsoft widespread formats SSA (Sub Station Alpha), ASA (Advanced Sub Station Alpha) and SRT (SubRip file format) in Windows 10 a. 

March 31, 2015: Build 10049 with Spartan
Microsoft keeps its promise and now appears to give more fresh beta versions of Windows 10. The current build is version number 10049 and brings several new feature and an important restriction: A new feature is the browser Spartan, to replace the Internet Explorer. . The program looks much simpler and faster than the elderly IE, but currently has a few quirks interested testers, 10 try the Windows as a virtual PC, should be careful: According gift Aul, Microsoft's head of the Beta program, supports version 10049 no new virtual machines in Hyper-V format. When you upgrade to build 10049, there will be no complications. Whether there are problems with virtual machines from other manufacturers, is not yet known.

March 27, 2015: The new Spartan browser makes mobile
Recently spotted in the PC prerelease version of Windows 10, Spartan is now surfaced in the Mobile Version. The Polish Forum Windows Mania shows for the first time in many screenshots, as the successor of Internet Explorer looks on the smartphone. The previously published preliminary versions of Windows 10 for Phone unveiled in February , many details of the mobile operating system, Microsoft's new browser but so far lacked. Also provided in the few days ago  Technical Preview , the new technology of the Spartan-browser yet presented the look of Internet Explorer. With the final release of Windows 10 Spartan is how many other applications appear as a universal app for all platforms and devices.

March 25, 2015: Build 10041 including three updates
Microsoft has released the Windows 10 update to the build number 10041 for all users. Microsoft has also built three smaller updates that are designed to improve, among other things, the security of Windows 10. One of the updates will solve the problem of transparency: After updating to open windows no longer appear through the full-screen Start menu, but only the desktop. By the way there is the update 10041 since mid-March 2015. The update was previously but only with a trick possible. For this purpose it was necessary to adjust the update settings "Fast mode". In this update channel Microsoft provides updates ready quicker, but these are also not been tested as intensively as in the default slow mode. To check whether you have the fast or slow mode is set, click on the print on the Windows key on settings , update and recovery , Advanced Options . See "Installation of pre-release versions," you will see the current setting. By clicking on it, you change. The 100041 update is available as a separate installation file (ISO file) for a new installation - but not yet on the official update site , but only under a download link .

March 24, 2015: Browser Spartan sighted!
A highly anticipated new feature in Windows 10 is the browser "Project Spartan". Microsoft showed 2015 pictures of back in January. In the current build 10041, the program has not yet been included. Now an earlier build has appeared with the version number 10014, in the Spartan but is included - the website WinBeta shows the application in a video Therein the browser appears still quite unfinished and unstable, many functions are missing can be seen that with Spartan Microsoft plans to manufacture an extremely lean browser, take the little area and.. is designed to provide more space for web content. It seems that Microsoft had decided at short notice, but take out the new browser from the current build. Probably shows the software giant a better functioning beta until the next version, the end of April 2015 Microsoft's Developer Conference is expected.

March 24, 2015: Microsoft's Developer Kit for Windows 10 out
With Windows 10 Microsoft builds its operating system to a large extent. One of the biggest innovations is a unified base for various device classes. Whether PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone - anywhere running 10. In order to allow a consistent Windows user experience, but must run on different hardware not only the operating system but also the programs. Microsoft calls these applications Universal Apps and with today's release of the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 10 may Developers start to make your applications fit for the expected in the summer of 2015 the operating system now.

March 20, 2015: try Spartan per trick
To date, missing the new fleet browser in Windows 10. But with a trick, the Spartan power should be unleashing in Internet Explorer. To try it out, open Internet Explorer and type in the address field about: flags a. After a mouse click under "Enable experimental Web Platform features" on is activated due. Finally, click Apply Changes . Finished!

March 20, 2015: Microsoft can not die Internet Explorer and also legalized no pirated
Colleagues of Mobilegeeks provided by Microsoft for clarification regarding piracy and Internet Explorer. Thus, Microsoft Windows 10, acting by no amnesty for pirates. While illegally acquired Windows-7 and -8 versions should be free upgrade to Windows 10, but Microsoft wants to legalize nothing. Rather, the corresponding user will be prompted to purchase a legal license. The news that Microsoft Internet Explorer can die, is factually incorrect. The fact that the software company now mainly relies on the successor Spartan does not mean that IE disappears. Since many large companies use the IE in their own versions, Microsoft is almost compelled to be the unpopular web browser in Windows 10 live.

March 19, 2015: Windows 10 free - even for pirates?
Microsoft wants 10 as quickly and comprehensively see worldwide installed Windows on PCs. Therefore, it is apparently ready with pirates to smoke the peace pipe. How Microsoft manager Terry Myerson told to the news agency Reuters, the companies, 10 offer the free update for Windows for all Windows users planning - even for those who so far have no valid license. Myerson noted in this context, the Chinese customers; if this offer is also valid for black sheep in other countries, the manager did not betray.

March 18, 2015: Microsoft wants to make the password unnecessary
Even in Windows 8 Microsoft has built logon capabilities that can replace the password. So there is the possible application by painted lines or PIN code. In Windows 10, Microsoft plans to go even further and simplify the registration process significantly. Under the name Microsoft Hello the Redmond company functions as face, iris and fingerprint recognition summarizes that should enable access to the Windows device. How it would work exactly, Microsoft has not let out. Apparently extra equipment are needed, which must be installed either on the computer or mobile phone. There may also be additional external devices. In a detailed English-language blog post Microsoft explains this new biometric identification functions are safe, so that companies can use it. Good old, but also annoying password seems passé - although as an additional option in Windows 10 still exists.

March 18, 2015: Deadline for Windows 10
Microsoft now calls the window of appearances for Windows 10 - and surprised: Traditional is a new operating system of the company in the autumn of a year, usually in October. This time, however, provides in the summer - and the same for multiple platforms: PCs, smartphones and tablets will be equipped with the new software Microsoft. The Group reaffirms that users of Windows 7 and switch 8 / 8.1 on request free of charge on the fresh system - one year they're available. In 190 countries, wants to publish Windows 10 in the summer. Microsoft manager Terry Myerson, announced a collaboration with the smartphone Xiaomi promoted to: The Chinese group has shortly some of its users on Windows 10 for testing purposes. So far Xiaomi relies on Google's Android operating system.

Windows 10: Practice Test, Release and fresh info

March 17, 2015: Bug stops Build publication
While official Windows testers still have to make do with the build 9926 already published in late January, the successor to 10036 was weekend already leaked . This was also provided for the official release, but was stopped due to an error - such as Windows insider Chef Gabriel Aul last week via Twitter confirmed. The bug can be in this video see the published WinBeta. The film shows not only new features more bugs. So it can be seen that offers in the app launcher drop-down lists to display additional functions at the beginning and now the revised transparent Start menu. If you open one of these lists and closes it again, from the Start menu crashes and only after a while again ready for use. Apparently the problem is so serious that Build 10036 should not appear officially.  

March 17, 2015: Windows Update via P2P
Even the US technology portal News Microsoft has taken the leaked Build 10036 under the microscope. A screenshot of the update settings shows that Windows 10 in future also allows computers without an Internet connection to update. There, Windows can be set so that updates are not as yet downloaded from Microsoft servers, but from other PCs on the local network. This is interesting not only for companies but also for example for households with an internet connection throttled because not every PC needs to load all the new features separately from the Internet. Since the peer to peer distribution (P2P) but also to flip between Windows 10-based computers on the Internet, Microsoft is also likely to have a discharge of its update server in mind.

17 March 2015: Automatic Tablet mode
With the current official Windows 10 build 9926, Microsoft introduced under the name of Continuum, a new tablet mode. The function is intended for users of so-called convertibles and replaced if necessary between the tablet and view the classic desktop appearance for PC or notebook. In the first experiment Continuum looked even quite cumbersome. On Microsoft's Surface Windows asks about each time connecting or disconnecting the Type Cover keyboard, if the owner wants to change the display mode. One of Neowin published screenshot of unpublished Build 10036 now allows us to conclude that Microsoft is working on an automatic selection. The system setting "Tablet Mode" lets there the user can choose between an automatic exchange, the general whereabouts of the existing mode and the previously displayed selection.

March 17, 2015: Windows 10 is smaller
As the article of 24 February via so-called Wimboot tablets shows the date significant footprint of Windows on devices with minimal memory space can be a problem. In a detailed blog post Microsoft explains therefore how you want to lower the standards of Windows 10. So will - depending on the computer performance - data compression for system files already used in current builds that scale down the operating system to 1.5 gigabytes in the 32-bit version and by as much as 2.6 gigabytes in the 64-bit version , Even smartphones should continue to benefit from this efficient data shrinkage. In addition, Microsoft was working on a completely new development of the recovery and refresh function. The reset can use existing system files and in return, waive the recovery image previously required (Image Recovery), blocked at least four gigabytes of precious disk space Windows. Another advantage: A system restore from the current system data to make the previously required update Marathon superfluous.

March 13, 2015: New pictures of Windows 10 geleakt
The Russian website wzór shows again unofficial images of the next Windows 10 build. The build has on the screenshots, the version number 10036. Whether that's version, however, that Microsoft will soon offer download, is still questionable. Windows 10-Chef Gabriel Aul had in an official blog post indicated at least innovations to the Windows insiders may (so called Microsoft beta testers) are pleased. In the pictures of wzór however can not see any new features. From the long-awaited Internet Explorer successor Spartan missing as each track. The changes on the surface are very spartan - at least on the wzór images. Thus, the symbols are rearranged and meaningful on the home page of the Windows Explorer: Before there was in the left menu bar, only two top points shortcut and desktop ; Now there are five: Quick Access , OneDrive , this PC , Local hard drives and network . In Windows Start menu, Microsoft apparently has the symbols in the left app list for the three top apps Explorer , Documents and Settings removed. So which differ clearly from the apps listed below.

March 11, 2015: If the next big Windows 10 Beta Update this week?
Microsoft increased currently at the release of the next Windows 10 build. The head of the beta program, Gabriel Aul, has a blog called the reasons for it. Accordingly, it is still the stated goal to publish new versions (builds) a month. However, the flap just not because you have not found too many errors. The distribution problem was Microsoft also known in advance. Therefore, there is in the Windows 10 update feature selection "fast" (fast ring) and "slow" (Slow ring). The quick version is to bring build updates faster and more frequently than the slow, be their updates for stable to. The current build 9926 was accordingly venturesome Windows 10 testers, who had set the fast upgrade version, a few days earlier. In order to achieve the monthly target, Microsoft discussed aloud Gabriel Aul, a "ridiculously fast" distribution ring install that even much earlier makes available the builds than before. The likelihood of these betas are flawed, but would be very high. Whether the superfast ring comes, is still unclear. In his blog of the Windows-10-boss mentioned a new Build and calculates that the end of the week could be distributed.

March 3, 2015: New Browser Spartan in Next Preview
Codenamed Project Spartan Microsoft will publish with Windows 10 is known, also has a new browser. As part of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona lead developer Kevin Gallo was now compared to The Verge announced that the successor of Internet Explorer is already contained in the next public preview version of Windows 10. Exactly when this appears, is currently unclear. The Verge but claims to have learned from sources close to Microsoft that this may be the end of March even much earlier the case. Because Microsoft on the edge of the MWC also demonstrated the mobile version of the browser, Spartan is also expected for the coming Phone Preview of Windows 10.

March 3, 2015: Windows 10 for the Xbox
While Microsoft has long distributed Windows 10 pre-release versions for PC and smartphones, there is in this respect still no picture and sound on the Xbox. After Kevin Gallo showed during MWC first images of the so-called Universal app on the game console. These are applications that in slight adjustments for all devices - are identical - PC, Phone, Tablet and TV screen. As the technology portal The Verge further reported Microsoft will also allow so-called hosted apps in the Windows Store to simplify developers access even further. These are basically mere Internet pages, receive access to Windows features such as searching, the calendar and the camera.

March 3, 2015: New desktop icons leaked
The regularly available Preview build 9926 surprised with new brightly colored drive and folder icons in Windows Explorer. Their design is quite daring, at least for Microsoft ratios. Neowin shows since today images of internal version 10022, in which the design overlaps in terms of new icons for Trash & Co. on the desktop. Since art is a matter of taste, the proponents and opponents of the new symbols will undoubtedly represent your opinion - is exactly what the feedback function of the trial is intended.

February 25, 2015: Reinstall per ISO file possible
As Microsoft promised at the launch of the January Preview, can owners of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 a year to upgrade to the final Windows 10 for free. During the latter the upgrade can be purchased through the Windows Store as with Version 8.1, there is currently much speculation on the practical deployment under Windows 7. These now moved into Microsoft manager Gabriel Aul on Twitter position and promised Microsoft will upgrade both through Windows Update and deliver by ISO file. This image file burn user then optionally to a blank DVD or transfer them to a USB stick. The media then also allow the reinstallation of Windows 10, provided that the transfer passengers have a valid product key for any of the above Windows versions. In modern Windows 8 computers the code in UEFI on the motherboard is stored, Windows 10 reads him well automatically when you install from. In Windows 7 devices it is usually on the Certificate of Authenticity affixed to the back of the computer. The program Windows Product Key Viewer read the key also from the registry database.

February 24, 2015: search back to the Start menu
In the currently freely available Windows 10 build 9926 Microsoft has powerful bolted to the search box: It is no longer on the Start menu, but in the taskbar. The snag: Search results now no longer appear in the menu, but a so-called overlay window that covers the entire start menu and also most of the desktops. But that came in many Windows-testers apparently to no good. As Neowin reported Microsoft rowing back therefore and shipped the search returns to the start menu. The move should affect not only the search input, the language assistant Cortana. However Neowin suggested that these changes are not yet included in the next version Preview-that you already expected for this week.

February 24, 2015: Preview for Wimboot Tablets
When attempting to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to perform to version 10, will receive owners of tablets with only 16 gigabytes of storage space currently still the error message Windows can not be installed because the PC uses a compressed operating system . The reason for this is that Windows is not present for lack of space in conventional form, but starts from a compressed image file ("Wimboot"). How Microsoft insider Chef Gabriel Aul now via Twitter announced that support for such Wimboot devices in the recent internal builds of Windows 10 is already included. This should, as Aul, soon be available for all Windows-10 tester.

February 19, 2015: new security update and preparations for the March build
The head of the Windows 10 beta program Gabriel Aul has again tweeted while divulged some information about updates for the latest beta version of 9926. One of the updates solves security problems in Internet Explorer - Windows 10 users should it so be sure to install. The update corresponds probably to a large extent the security updates, which has made ​​available for current versions of Windows on February Patch Tuesday Microsoft. The other two updates, little is known. They should prepare the next beta version of Windows 10. Comparable extensions there was Microsoft in earlier betas. Without the patch, Windows can not upgrade to the newer build, because they can not find the fresh versions. In order to bring Windows 10 to the latest version, click in Windows 10 (Version 9926) on the Windows icon, then click Settings , Update & recovery and finally to check for updates . Wait a few seconds until the message about the updates. After clicking on restart now starts Windows updates again.

February 11, 2015: Even Windows 10 had Patchday
Microsoft has released two patches for Windows 10. The first updates the built-in Windows 10 Adobe Flash Player and stuffs it contained security vulnerabilities. The second patch prepares the next Windows 10 build before - who does not install it, so do not get new builds - complete Windows installation packages so, with which Microsoft passes on all new features and enhancements to the Windows-10-Tester month. To install the new patch, press in Windows 10, the Windows button, then click Settings , Update & Recovery and - on - if the updates not appear then Check for Updates . Who has set the automatic update, check with clicks on Advanced Options and Update History Show , if the patches are already installed. You will find all information about Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday here .

11 February 2015: Windows 10 probably finished in June 2015.
Microsoft wants Windows 10 finish already in June 2015 to all appearances. For then shall be called the RTM (release to manufacturing). This is the version that goes out to developers and hardware manufacturers. If it still stuck error, Microsoft eliminated this until the start of the regular version -. Possibly via an update to Release From a June deadline, the well-informed in the control computer side wants Neowin have experienced. Previous Windows RTM versions were usually a little later - in July or August of this year. To delivery to the end customer then went about two months. That was enough to date for the holiday shopping season. But apparently wants to bless this time Microsoft also students with the new Windows. Since the universities start in September, Microsoft would prefer the RTM. The final Windows should then be in August in the trade.

February 5, 2015: improvements Update
Two weeks after release of the latest technical preview of Windows 10, Microsoft offers an update that brings numerous improvements for this system is: start problems not previously runnable Xbox Live play around now belong to the past. The Start menu and the icon of the new beta app stores appear in future more reliable. Also Error Messages app installations and mistakenly displayed new builds Microsoft has taken. In addition to rare crashes of the operating system, the developers promise better battery life for mobile devices and that there is no delay is longer when you open Internet Explorer tabs. To install, press the Windows key and R tap, wuapp and press Enter.

January 30, 2015: Desktop until at least 8 inches?
Some confusion caused Microsoft's announcement, on devices with only 8 inches a customized version of Windows offer 10. After appropriate questions put Windows Phone Joe Belfiore boss on Twitter clear that devices at least 8 inches bring a desktop and support for traditional Windows programs, smaller devices do not. Since thereof but not only smartphones, but also small tablets like the HP stream 7 would be affected, provided the announcement of displeasure. Belfiore therefore pushed shortly thereafter via Twitter after that existing Windows 8.1 devices with 7-inch in both the Windows 10 desktop and the switching Continuum received. This statement but suggests that the decision less technical than strategic is. As the Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley to have learned, thus the desktop version over the previously announced for February as Preview mobile version of Windows 10 on Tablets with low-power ARM processors above the 7-inch border, as it were on smaller devices with Intel processors. Which version future Windows devices to hit the market, according to Foley decide the respective equipment manufacturers, but probably also the customer.

January 27, 2015: Sound problems under 64 bits
Some users complain that in Windows 10 in the 64-bit edition (Build 9926), the sound is not working properly. Even reinstalling the sound card driver creates not always help. Some sufferers could solve the problem by extensions memory modules of your PC - not an optimal solution. Is also your PC from any acoustic, try next to Renew the sound driver better following: Search on the Start menu to Control and press Enter. The Control Panel opens. Here are clicks on detect problems and fix and to handle audio playback problems . Follow the wizard to the end.

January 27 2015: Heavy compatibility issues?
Windows 10 has an internal version number 10. A small sensation, had the previous operating systems Windows Vista (6.0), Windows 7 (6.1), Windows 8 (6.2) and Windows 8.1 (6.3) but a much smaller version number. The new indication for development progress compatibility issues might result: Many programs consider when installing namely, what operating system is installed. Any divergences between the detected version number too much from the set by the programmers who use might fail. Which programs work together with Windows 10, seen in the near future.

January 20, 2015: Running in Windows 10 Android Apps?
The rumor is floating for some time by the news portals: Microsoft is apparently reconsidering whether Windows 10 can already start factory Android apps. This will in any case the US website The information learned from a Microsoft insider. That would, given the number weakening own Windows Apps make sense. Especially since Microsoft holds numerous patents on the Android operating system, so mitverdient it. However, it is questionable whether the Android apps directly from the Windows Store are channeled into the Windows world or only run in a virtual window. Probably the latter option as native Windows apps definitely offer benefits and would keep the app developers in line.

January 9, 2015: New task bar on the Web emerged
Microsoft will officially reveal only on 21 January 2015 which great innovations Windows 10 for normal users brings. Although the current beta called "Technical Preview" has a new old Start menu, but differs at first glance hardly of Windows 8.1. That is about to change with the "Technical Preview for Consumers". On the Chinese website cnBeta images of a new taskbar are now surfaced. The shows in the pictures black and with minimalist icons. But nothing has changed in the fundamental functionality obviously. So let there continue programs anpinnen to access it afloat. All running programs are further represents and also the background programs and processes are to be found. Added the Cortana search box is right next to the Windows icon.

December 22, 2014: preparatory tools for January Preview
At the earliest in January 2015, the Consumer Preview of Windows to appear 10, already Microsoft Windows fans will einschwören it: specific tools are curious Windows 7 and 8.1 users already prepare your system to the pre-release version and then change tickets with publication can. It is unclear whether transfer passengers in autumn 2015 can upgrade for free or at least at a special price on the final version of Windows 10. The preparatory tools for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are now available free for download.

18 December 2014: 1.5 million people have Windows 10 already in the test application
Microsoft has in its official blog announced numbers for Windows 10 experience. Accordingly, already 1.5 million people have registered for the Windows Insider program to test Microsoft's pre-release versions of Windows 10. According gift Aul, head of the Windows Insider program should be used more than 450,000 users for the still unfinished operating system even daily. So many active test participants there were loud Aul for any other version of Windows before. In fact, these figures somewhat surprising. For a daily use suggests that at least some of the testers Windows 10 already productively used on their computers. Because the operating system still contains a lot of mistakes, is just not recommended.

DECEMBER 16: Consumer Preview in the Practice Test
Originally Microsoft wanted to introduce the interesting especially for end customers new features of Windows 10 until January 21, 2015. However, a prototype of a "Technical Preview for Consumers" traded prerelease has already landed on the net and has the software giant stole the show. COMPUTER BILD has installed the very early prototype. The result: The new preview version of Windows 10 makes a significant step forward. Although everything seems to still "building site", but this is probably due to the early stage of development of the version. . The finishing touches gets Windows 10 in January 2015 when Microsoft's beta version ("Consumer Preview") presents regularly detailed impressions of the new Technical Preview, see the Overview " Windows 10: The Secret Consumer Preview Overview ".

December 12, 2014: final version until the autumn, Consumer Preview event in January 2015
Severe food for Windows 10 fans: Only Microsoft will not charge for standing over the new version of its operating system, but bring alternatively as purchase or subscription offer to the man, now, the publication delay. Only in the autumn 2015, there will be so far - and therefore much later than announced recently. To keep customers happy, Microsoft invites you on 21 January 2015 by Redmond to present the Consumer Preview. The reinforced to focus on capabilities for end users as opposed to the current pre-release version (Technical Preview). Also eagerly awaited the event: For more information, such as Microsoft Windows 10 will merge into one operating system for all devices (PC, smartphone, tablet, Xbox).

December 11, 2014: Windows 10 does not free for all users?
Contrary to initial assumptions Windows 10 is probably available for free in the next year for all Windows 7 and 8 users. How the Windows manager Kevin Turner has now confirmed on demand, Microsoft also plans a paid license. Exact prices he did not name. Yet it does mean that hardware manufacturers Windows 10 can use for free for smartphones and small tablets. Presumably, Microsoft also plans a subscription model as with Office 365, which is currently available in the annual subscription from 69 euros.

December 10, 2014: Final version is coming in summer / autumn 2015
Microsoft has called for the first time a concrete timetable for Windows 10. To put Windows chief Kevin Turner on the edge of a technology meeting the final release date of summer / autumn 2015 fixed. In the spring to the consumer Preview coming, probably also brings many new features to the Windows interface. The well-informed usually Windows expert Mary Jo Foley expects the version even on the 20th or 21st Januar 2015th

December 9, 2014: upgrade from the Beta to the final version should be possible
In Windows 8, it was impossible two years ago to transform the Beta version in a final version. Instead, the beta testers had to install Windows 8 new. That is about to change with Windows 10. According to Gabriel Aul, head of the Windows beta program, Microsoft will provide direct transition from beta to Windows 10. He formulated his answer to Twitter but relatively vague and left open whether the switch is subject to certain conditions. In particular, it is unclear whether and how Microsoft wants to earn money in the process. Another starter who had a free Windows 10 issued a significant dissipation.

Build 9879: Taskbar and swiping
To discover the innovations of the recent updates, it takes a trained eye. Thus, for now, the buttons for the search and the virtual desktops (Task View) Hide the taskbar, while notebook users will benefit from new wiping gestures. So it suffices with three fingers to wipe from bottom to top in order to open the Task View. Stroke in the opposite direction to display the desktop, and left or right to switch between open applications. Tap once with three fingers on the touchpad, Windows opens the search. Assuming your touchpad supports detection of three fingers. Microsoft speaks in this case of Präzisionstouchpads .

Build 9879: Detail Adjustments
The developers have known from other applications "hamburger menu" and introduced the Smart-Files removed from OneDrive. On the web, the abolition of the placeholder caused a veritable storm of indignation, so Microsoft had to give in now and alternative solutions has been promised. The media player of Windows 10 now plays MKV files and videos from the H265 format, without having to install additional extensions. The adaptability of the Windows Explorer has improved the manufacturer. Approximately 10 percent of testers also get an update for the Internet Explorer delivered: instead of the old Trident engine, the new care EDGE engine about assembling Web pages in the background as soon as possible and properly.

Build 9860: The first update for Windows 10
Only three weeks after publication of the Technical Preview Microsoft had released the first major update to the test version of Windows 10. The summary of the build number 9860 Update brought according to the Redmond company more than 7,000 improvements and bug fixes. The up to 2.74 gigabytes major update has new features on board. This includes the "Action Center" baptized notification center. The united after the update all system-wide alerts and provides the user with an overview of incoming mail, messages and other information. Yet the service does not make too much. In the first step Microsoft will only retest the service. Subsequent updates will provide more functions and a more attractive design.

Build 9860: Multitasking improves
After the update can be 10 better use on PCs with multiple monitors, the Technical Preview of Windows. Use the key combination Windows + Shift + Arrow key can be moved easily to another screen active application. In addition, Microsoft responded to the update on the feedback from the testers. The complained that was too hard to see if you moved between desktops. A new animation helps.
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Windows 10 in the Practice Test
In the current beta version (build 10162) have any new features to be included. Until July 29, 2015 Microsoft probably ironed out mainly existing errors and smoothes the appearance. COMPUTER BILD expected to appear until the publication of the final version still new builds with additional bug fixes. However, missing probably even in the final version of Windows 10 still some features and capabilities that were in Windows 7 and 8 is still on board.

Test version itself
Do you want to get an idea of the Windows 10-insider Preview? No Problem! Download the 32- or 64-bit version of the COMPUTER BILD download area and burn it to a blank DVD. To install the operating system then on a second partition on your main PC, alternatively on a test computer. Your old Windows to replace 7 or 8 (.1) by the Insider Preview is not advisable: There are still ERRORS, iron out the only future updates. Who wants to play it safe, the software sets up in a virtual machine. Here Burning omitted that actually burning Windows ISO file upload directly into a program like VirtualBox or VMWare Player , it runs Windows 10 after installation then in a separate window. An alternative is to install within a VHD - a middle ground between the test installation on its own partition and a virtual machine. Further details about the installation procedure can be found in a separate guide . The dialogues during installation are partly in English, but mostly in German. The registration option is visually significantly freshened. As with Windows 8 is a registration not required - if desired is an offline account with computer usage.

Practice Test: So ran the installation
COMPUTER BILD tried Windows 10 from the 64-bit version. The first steps to set up the same as those of earlier pre-release versions, as well as Windows 7 and 8 (.1): press when the disc inserted any key, select desired partition, confirm, wait for the PC restarts. Come for installing a notebook to use, there is a possibility to connect to a wireless network. Unlike Windows 8, the entered password for the router does not appear in plain text. The establishment took on a Medion laptop with i3 processor (2.30 GHz) and 4 gigabytes of memory for about 20 minutes.

As fast as Windows 10
After Windows 10 was ramped up in the test, it responded pleasantly fast. While older prerelease took several hours to set up - and then in everyday life always responded hesitantly - surprised insiders Preview with consistently pleasant pace. The Start menu opens much faster, but could do with an additional speed boost good; probably is compared with the Windows-7 or -8 Start menu missing drivers due to the lower rate.

This makes the new Start menu
One reason for the not quite optimal speed of the Start Menu is probably the transparency feature. With Windows Vista introduced, retained in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 rejected with Windows: Microsoft paid its start menu with Aero Glass design. The new or old transparency had probably wished many users. And Microsoft turned it over: The Windows 10 Start menu, thus showing the desktop or window contents blurred as if through a frosted glass. That looks quite classy. The arrow icon previous prerelease versions top right of the start menu, which is used for resizing, has disappeared. The Start menu Enlarge grab - that appear when you hover on the edge. Via Settings app or tablet mode switch the menu on request in the full-screen view. Also in this form of representation the Start menu is transparent. As with Windows 8 (.1), the Shutdown option is under on / off from the Start menu - at least the part A at that time not opened up. Similar to the Windows 10-predecessors, diving in the menu by default on options for shut down, restart and standby, but not for hibernation. This is - 7 and 8 (.1) as in Windows - by trick to switch on. Unlike in previous pre-release versions, the Start menu search function looks mature: configuration menu with German label, for example, to change the default printer, can be called up easily about now. It is nice that the Start menu from the bottom is flying upwards; animated also are searches and resizing in the Start menu.

Good approach: Tablet mode
The automatic Continuum to detect whether PC or touch device are in use, and optimize the operation accordingly. In the so-called tablet mode switch manually: on the notification icon in the notification area (bottom right) and select the same entry. If the tablet mode enabled, the desktop and his symbols disappear. Window will appear in full-screen format - they can not be smaller. As with Windows 8 (.1) drag apps with the mouse from top to bottom to close it. Worth noting: the first time it works even with classical programs such as Notepad or WordPad. The Start menu extends in tablet mode finger friendly over the entire display. The approach is good, the service of some other way of existing programs but getting used to.

Virtual Desktops for more Overview
Is your monitor more out of space, help the virtual desktops: open on as many desktops independently programs. Clicking on the second tray icon from the left (or Windows key and Tab ) to open an overview, which allows you to create desktop - as well as transfers to other surfaces. Practical: Moving to another desktop software is not a problem.

Fresh icons, new sounds
Due to numerous user requests, Microsoft has installed new system sounds. Among other things, when the User Account Control displays a warning message - for example, before a program installation, you now hear a less obtrusive sound. Various symbols get a fresh coat of paint: including the Recycle Bin, the wireless network icon in the notification area, the system controller, and the Network icon. The Quick Access folder is completely new, it complements the libraries and view this PC (similar to the XP workstation). The icons of the libraries appear modernized and system buttons - such as User Account Control. Classically, the memory indicator are in the drive properties: If you click while holding down the Alt key, double-click a partition, the system visualizes the relationship between free space and occupied memory in 2D instead of 3D view. Renewed round the programmers have the volume dialog: Instead of up and down, drag a slider to the left or right. A great new feature, Microsoft has made ​​Build 10130 however removed again: In an earlier version when you select an alternate system volume no annoying beep sounded more. The sound now back. Even Windows 7 and 8 so annoyed.

Start menu cumbersome adaptable
Annoying: If you click with the right mouse button on the Start menu, no context menu, which leads to further configuration options appear. Only indirectly adjust the software menu. For Windows 7 users, this means that to get used.

More clicks for setting possible, less space
In Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 it takes three clicks to access the dialog box to show and hide desktop icons such as the Recycle Bin. In Windows 10, there are four clicks - use technically a step backwards. As much a nuisance in practice test on that fewer intervals for automatic desktop wallpaper Exchange ready.

Proven functions on board
Since the Windows 8 Start menu could not unite all the features integrated Microsoft also a context menu for the Start button. If you click using the right mouse button or By pressing the Windows key and X , a menu of system board resources appear. This menu allows you to quickly accesses on the Power Options control panel, the software management and prompt. In Windows 10 there the beloved of some element.

Windows are particularly simple
Since time immemorial, resplendent in top right windows icons that let you minimize a folder of vacation pictures or the trash, maximize, close. Microsoft has changed significantly with earlier Windows 10 Trials appearance: The frame around the icons have disappeared, the appearance is reminiscent of the Gnome design attachment for Linux Ubuntu. As in the Windows 8 Ribbon Ribbon is not enabled by default: It brings together a large area Explorer buttons for file operations such as delete, rename, copy, or paste. If necessary, deactivate the toolbar as usual with Ctrl and F1 a. In older Windows 10 builds held the ribbon-band for the first time of entry open settings feeder: It appears after clicking on this PC (corresponding to the computer from Windows XP 7/8 or the workplace). While the option to call up the PC Settings app formerly appeared only sporadically and unreliable, it now enters always in evidence. Not included in Windows 7 and 8 (.1) is the Quick Access feature in Explorer: It appears by default when you click on File Manager icon in the taskbar. It can be found in this list frequently used folders and files last used.

Small design details
With Windows 7, Microsoft introduced "GUI features" one, bring a relief in everyday life: Aero Snap, Aero Peek, Aero Shake. The Aero Peek functionality allows a click on icon to minimize the right on the taskbar all open windows - and maximize return. Windows 8 retained the Aero Peek button on, but without a special delimiter. With Windows 8.1 Microsoft reduced the size of the Minimize icon, moving the functionality further into the background. In Windows 10 the Aero Peek function is off again soon after by a stroke icon in the taskbar. Sworn Windows 7 fans should please the. Unlike in Windows 8 windows-names no longer appear in the center beginning in the title bar, but the left. This is a step back to Windows 7 standards. By contrast, like the fact that there is a chic animation when maximizing windows - only Windows 10 offers.

Media Player, Internet Explorer
Although Windows will play 10 video files in MKV container format that are H.265 encoded, much advancement has the Windows Media Player but otherwise does not seem to know. While the Redmond company replaced the navigation arrows in the File Manager from time to time by more modern, the arrows seem almost old-fashioned in the player software in the Aero Glass look of Windows 7. The Internet Explorer has compared to the Windows 8 counterpart hardly new: the already known version 11 is built. They cope with the new standard HTTP / 2, which promises faster Web page views. You can find all important information for future technology HTTP / 2 here: »Firefox and Chrome: Faster surfing thanks HTTP / 2

No longer on board: Mounting and Charms bar
An older Windows 10 build integrated connected USB sticks exemplary into the operating system: You could save as a text document in the editor, published in the Save dialog on the desktop, a reference to the USB stick. This feature Microsoft has deleted. Speaking weggefallene functionality: The Charms bar of Windows 8, a sidebar on the right of the screen to shut down, also no longer exists. The shutdown is taken via Start button context menu, start menu or Alt and F4 before. What features are otherwise no longer exist and how to replace it, reveals a distinctive contribution .

Professionals get their money
Those who deal in more detail with Windows, does sooner or later with the command line acquaintance. This one uses the PC solely or principally with the keyboard: Instead of using mouse clicks to work with keyboard shortcuts. In an earlier preliminary version of Windows 10, the developers integrated the keyboard shortcuts -support for board means. You end the command line above with Alt and F4 , also inserting and copying text commands work (using Ctrl and C or with Ctrl and V ). In the build version before 10074 the mentioned shortcuts were not ready; the current insider Preview offers again. Even maximizing the command line to see the developers before again. Prior to this, the command was cumbersome WMIC enter. "command-line commands: Work faster with the 100 best tips

Language assistant hears every word
During the presentation on April 29, 2015 Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 is to understand the user - and understand, thanks Cortana taken literally: The language assistant registers your voice commands and responds. Meanwhile Cortana also understands German. Downer: A Microsoft account, via the PC application is made ​​is to use mandatory. Spoken words sets the function most reliably into text. Simple questions about the time or commands to access board funds, but provide only the start of a Bing search. The scheduling appointments did not work on a test laptop easily, on another device. Commands like Start the editor or command line with administrator privileges do not achieve the desired software Views - shame that the Microsoft-function does not know its own operating system.

Windows Update probably undefeatable
There are strong indications that the automatic update installation can not be deactivated in Windows 10. From a security perspective, the step may be understandable, after all, include updates dangerous vulnerabilities and thus Scots off to viruses or Trojans. A disadvantage is that the user loses control over land which system improvements in the system. In the past, updates already went to the users who created new problems instead of alone ancient remedy. At least with Windows 10 Home can probably not switch off automatic Windows updates. In the more expensive Windows-10-per-variant and Enterprise and Server 2016 is likely to be individually regulated via so-called rings the system update. COMPUTER BILD has already found an approach, such as Windows 10 Home users escape the forced update.

Removed Features in Windows 10
The built-in Windows 10 successor of Internet Explorer (IE) is Edge - the working title Spartan is still not quite history: If one looks, appears on the Start menu to Edge no matching entry. To launch the browser, it is necessary to enter the old name in the search slot. The new development is to call websites faster than IE. Program menu is hidden in the background, websites get a large area on the screen. Pleasantly the pace but not yet acts: Opening of various COMPUTER BILD article, there was a noticeable delay. One of the highlights of Edge is the ability to PDF or XPS files to make a kind of screenshot of websites. The master no competitive program! Internet sites that appear incorrect, open if necessary from the browser Internet Explorer. Should rework the developer at the bookmark support: Although you determine problems at present, but their web addresses can not be edited.

Conclusion: Windows 10 Insider Preview
Impress the approaches of Microsoft: The Redmond want Windows 10 free offer and deliver to the Insider Preview various prerelease versions that run significantly better than all Technical Previews. However, many questions remain unanswered: Get even users of Windows preinstalled 7/8 the full version for free? Windows updates can no longer be switched off easily actually? Microsoft stingy partly with concrete information. The new features are implemented well in any case, not intrusive. Who the full-screen Start menu of Windows 8 likes, it uses further. Contrast tile muffle throw all app icons from the Start menu and use it almost like in Windows 7. Microsoft innovation proves to the Edge Browser: it works faster, it is probably serious competition for Firefox and Chrome. That Microsoft irons out the few remaining teething until launch, is probable. By; Georg Oevermann , Sebastian Kolar , Andre Hesel and our author Markus Schmidt

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