Sunday, July 5, 2015

You have to naked sleep, find out why

You have to naked sleep, find out why
That's why you should sleep naked from now. At these temperatures, it quickly becomes too hot in bed. Then it says: Let's get out of the pajamas. Sleep nude namely has many positive effects - not only in the heat!

The pajama stuck despite the windows open on the body: In the hot summer months, the heat an already awake at night. This can, however, prevent a simple trick - if you sleep namely hüllenlos. However, among the Germans, this habit is relatively unpopular: only 15 percent of this country let off the pajamas. A big mistake.

Here are four reasons why you should sleep naked:

Sleeping nude is healthy
The body temperature drops by about half a degree during sleep. By nude sleeping cooling process is accelerated and you fall asleep faster. Against 4.00 clock in the morning (at a controlled sleep) the body is at its coldest. Important: Hands and feet should remain under the blanket because you lose too much heat on the extremities. , This is affecting the quality of sleep. In women, a cooler sleep protects against infection by the way in the genital area. But the men also benefit if they leave a warm and intimate pajamas, because they produce better sperm.

Naked sleep helps weight loss
Studies show that more calories are burned while sleeping if you gets rid of pajamas. The reason: Too warm body produces in a restless sleep more cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol is responsible for the accumulation of abdominal fat. So you let off a close and warm pajamas, less fat is applied. In addition, in the morning you will not wake up with cravings, and can start relaxing in a light breakfast in the day.

Sleep naked helps to a more beautiful skin
In cooler temperatures the cell production is active. This is due to the hormone melatonin, which boosts skin regeneration cells. Even so worth a waiver of the Sleep clothing.

Nude sleepers have happier relationships
If the previous reasons have not convinced: This is it. According to the British Independent 57 percent of nude sleepers have indicated that they perform "extremely happy" relationship with her partner. This has - in addition to the emotional - even purely medical reasons: In a lot of contact with the skin, the feel-good hormone oxytocin is secreted, resulting in an intense attachment to their partners.

Sleeping nude is incidentally recommended not only in the hot summer months. Who here feels uncomfortable, should be as little as possible harm. Good Night!

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