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Have fun with frogs in Android game 'Tap the Frog'

Have fun with frogs in Android game 'Tap the Frog'
Tap the Frog game. Sometimes the simplest games at least in regard to its operation are getting to be more attractive and used. An example of what we say is Angry Birds, which has no complications with regard to use -after getting is another sing- finish. And this is what happens to Tap the Frog. This is a game where frogs are the main protagonists, either to have to paint them different colors or to have them perform a particular action. The fact is that the use of the application in question does not have any complications, since what has to be done is very simple and, therefore, even the smallest of the house can use Tap the Frog smoothly.

The fact is that simply by using the touch screen is doing all that is necessary and also the learning period is as short. And all this in an environment with fun graphics and that, not being in three dimensions, allowing the game can be used in all types of terminals. In our tests it works equally well on models with 512 MB and integrating the three "gigas". Here therefore we must applaud the work done by the developer (Playmus Arcade).

What you have to be done
Tap the Frog is composed of 18 mini-games that are accessed as you go along. Once "open" one, you can always play to try to get the highest score possible which, in turn, will be accompanied by stars which are used to purchase new options and possibilities. Besides, it is gaining experience that makes you level up and you can find more or less difficulty, as appropriate.

Have fun with frogs in Android game 'Tap the Frog'

What you have to do to go from level to advanced level is to use the frogs that appear on the screen. You may just have to click on them to go away or is necessary to blow it (dimension or long form) and thus be able to use plants that are on the river. There are many different options, so it is always possible to find some minigame that "hook". Of course, sometimes these end up being somewhat repetitive, so small incentives would not hurt.

The game limit is time, once ending leads to a summary of the achievements which achieved a score and see stars, and there is a multiplayer option that allows the most interesting have a good time with friends as it You can compete with them. This is perhaps the most interesting Tap the Frog.

Have fun with frogs in Android game 'Tap the Frog'

It's difficult
The difficulty has Tap the Frog is the aforementioned time. This is too little aid if there is no use is complicated move forward, especially at higher levels. Therefore, we must practice a lot to be an expert and go to advanced. And, this will make any throw in the towel early ... you do not do that we restart.

Download Samsung Galaxy Tap the Frog Apps or in Play Store is totally free, so this is another reason to give it a try. The truth is that it's a fun game and worth, but that you have to have some patience to control it and thus get full advantage. You dare you with frogs?

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