Monday, August 31, 2015

The smartwatch Android already support iPhone

The smartwatches Android already support iPhone

Android Smartwatch. The latest rumors indicate us about the interest of Google to make its software platform supports for wearables with iOS devices. The final clue came from the hand of an announcement on Amazon that was put in pre Huawei Watch and where also appeared that this was compatible with iPhone. Just 48 hours after the search confirmed the news via its official blog.

The barriers are down. The limitation that prevented use your smart watches SmartWatch Android or an iPhone because Google has put solutions on the table over. And it is that as stated in its official blog, from now on android wear, the software platform optimized for wearables or wearable, be compatible with iOS, or what is the same, with smartphones and tablets from Apple.

Google is close to reconcile android wear with Apple iPhone - Official announcement
Wear Android application for iOS will be launched today. This measure will allow Google called smart watches (including wearable devices) with said software version can extract all the even synchronized to a potential iPhone. For now, compatibility with iOS android wear will stick to the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (presumably be added to the list since September 9 new iPhone iPhone 6s and 6s Plus). Similarly, the first to experience the android wear sync with iPhone owners will be LG Watch Urban, but the Internet giant advances that very little support is extended to all smartwatches market, including model Asus, Motorola and Huawei to come.

The smartwatches Android already support iPhone

The confirmation of compatibility with iOS android wear a setback for Apple, which will see its customers will have more options to choose from, beyond Apple Watch. And it is that the Cupertino firm only allowed to use their watches with iPhone, forcing in a way iPhone users to acquire the company SmartWatch if they wanted to enjoy the features and benefits of such gadgets booming. Now this limitation is end the recent movement of Google, so that users with an iPhone can enjoy all the benefits of a SmartWatch regardless of brand. No doubt it will be a blow to Californians since the gesture of the big G represents exponentially increase competition in a growing market, a market hitherto closed to fans of the signing of the apple with a SmartWatch, the Apple Watch, available in its most basic version for 419 euros in Spain.

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