Sunday, September 6, 2015

Find out if your operator is tracking you with Am I Being Tracked Apps

Find out if your operator is tracking you with Am I Being Tracked Apps

Am I Being Tracked. Since we all carry over a mobile and you can make almost anything with them, they have multiplied the threats to our intimacy seeking our habits, what we like, what does not and, from there, to trade with that information to benefit economically. So you have to be alert for any threat occurs.

So if you're with the fly behind the ear and you think you'd be calmer knowing if someone is tracking everything you do from your smartphone, be aware that there are very simple ways to alert you. Normally this type of activity trackeos our mobile, as we say, seeking to know better to sell the products they already know we want and usually the threat is less than more. Or if? Please note that the information collected normally limited to Internet searches, web history, location and little else.

Access a website and you'll know
This time, the way to know someone is following us all the activity that we carry out with the browser has nothing to do with an application, but a useful site from which you can enter the phone and see results lies ahead instantly. Specifically, this site is called "Am I Being Tracked".

Am I Being Tracked Apps
When we refer to crawl, we are really talking about a follow-up from our telecom operator, so that all those data that could collect are extracted when we go down the street connected to 3G or 4G (and GPRS, Edge, etc. .) and, fortunately, this monitoring no longer occurs as we protect ourselves under the umbrella of a wireless network.

Find out if your operator is tracking you with Am I Being Tracked Apps

So, when we surf the normal web threat is always there although it is always possible to take precautions, the truth, are quite annoying and can affect daily routines that we have assimilated. Rastrearos if they can not enter in through the mobile only secure websites (HHTPS) or set up a VPN or directly go to your telephone operator to disable some other service that suspect.

Returning to "Am I Being Tracked", the test results did not take long to confirm whether or not we are being trackeados as to access the page you will see a button that indicates that you must press Test Now. After a few seconds receive results which, as you can see by catches above they are positive: our operator is not performing any follow our terminal. Goodness!! And you, what if your operator is tracking you? will you kick their badass? if you will so you can visit the website here.

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