Monday, September 21, 2015

Google Play Games 03.03.54 allow streaming on YouTube from your mobile Android

Google Play Games 03.03.54 allow streaming on YouTube from your mobile Android

Although the share of Android gaming not take too many years between us (Play Games opened in 2013), and has evolved enough to allow us to find a utility each time you start a game and activate functions community a platform prepares for one of the most acclaimed revolutions by users: live broadcasts streaming.

Play Games will be updated
Google is already testing, using the premiere of his Youtube Gaming, the live broadcast of games through Play Games which would open a new market that until now was closed up tight and really had no good alternatives . Twitch focuses primarily on PCs and consoles (desktop) on mobile devices but it seems clear that there are a lot of territory to explore.

So much so that there is already a Play Beta Games, the 3.3.54, which introduces some of these options in your code, as they have found fellow Android Police, found remains of what appear tools we can use for streaming.

Game, voice and video overlay
The best thing about this new version of Google Play Games in conjunction with Gaming tools is that Youtube will not need to leave the game to start retransmitting we're enjoying the game. And most importantly, our work will be available to the tens of millions of users who use the Google platform every day.

As you can see just above, there are remains of tools that Google Play Games put in our hands as audio recording microphone on the source of the game that are capturing (for those broadcasts commented typical of Youtubers) or overlay video to put on that Angry Birds same image shift, for example, our face with the front camera will capture.

Apart from these icons that are present in this issue found options to decide the size of the video that will be broadcasting and resolution: 480 or 720p, so, for now, no 1080p. Which it seems logical if we take into account what is the reality of Android devices on the market. Would not you think?

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