Friday, September 4, 2015

Keeping your Android unlocked while you take it over

Keeping your Android unlocked while you take it over

SmartLock Android Lollipop. One of the most interesting but also more unknown options Lollipop Android is Smart Lock. This locking and unlocking allows intelligent, if we take the phone with us, not blocked automatically and thus save time, especially if we have chosen the fingerprint as a method to unlock the device. If you have not heard of Smart Lock, surely you discover what today is one of the most interesting options that came with Android Lollipop in his day. As you know, a few years ago they began trading the first smart watches able to connect to a smartphone, opening the door to new functions and interesting applications. One is Smart Lock, also known as intelligent lock.

For example, imagine that we carry with us the phone all day locked fingerprint and also have a smart watch on our wrist. Smart Lock allows, in the event that the clock is connected by Bluetooth to the smartphone, it continues unlocked while the clock keeps paired, which means that the phone is on our side. However, this is not the only method that works with Smart Lock. Android also lets you add some WiFi networks which, when detected, will prevent the phone to lock for example, can identify the network of our home and so, when we're at it, hold the phone unlocked and no need to enter or patterns anything like that. Moreover, it is even possible to activate the body detection so that the phone remains unlocked while taking follow up or hold him in your hand.

Now, how this option so useful in Android Lollipop is activated? The truth is that it is quite simple. You just have to direct you to Settings and look at the menu to Security. Within this menu you will find several options, especially depending on the brand of your terminal, although we are looking for is Smart Lock, which normally appears in the lower part.

Entry level three possibilities: trusted devices, trusted sites and body detection, the three that we have explained above. You see, in my case I have activated the first case since it took me a Pebble smart watch, but can be added virtually any Bluetooth device. In the other options, for example, you can add secure WiFi networks or activate the motion detection. In this simple way you can control the locking and unlocking your Android with Lollipop, something that we encourage you to do because it is really comfortable.

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