Thursday, September 3, 2015

Leaked the possible price of LG Nexus 5X

Leaked the possible price of LG Nexus 5X

LG Nexus 5 Google. Google and LG have been working for several months in order to launch a new Nexus and apparently, the terminal takes shape as its final name refers. Finally, this would be called Nexus smartphone 5X and come sooner than expected at a price that undoubtedly will raise certain "controversial".

The new generation of Nexus 5 is about to hit the market, or at least is what follows from the latest reports that have been known for today. A source close to LG and Google has been known to develop one of the Nexus 5 that will appear during this year, it seems, it will eventually be called Nexus 5X. Although this name has not yet been confirmed by Google itself, the truth is that it makes sense because in this way you can keep the Nexus nomenclature with a "sign" indicating what the generation to which it belongs instead of using 2015 or X generation.

Moreover, the leaked information also indicates something quite interesting, is that the phone would be available in the Google Store as of September 29, just in time to compete with the recent launch of Samsung, Sony and of course, Apple with its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Moreover, it seems, the design remains intact from the images that have been known so far, with the fingerprint sensor below the main chamber and Type-C USB connection at the bottom.

Leaked the possible price of LG Nexus 5X

Additionally, this 5X Nexus will be available in white, black and light blue and will have as main material plastic, at least in the back, so follow the steps set by the previous generation of Nexus 5.

However, the most important detail that has been known today was the possible price of this device. According to the source points, LG and Google have decided to make an affordable terminal, although not as affordable as the Nexus 5 shirt. Specifically, the Nexus 5X cost $ 50 more than the Nexus 5, so that the starting price would be $ 399 for the 16GB model and $ 449 for the 32GB model. The only question that remains is whether this price increase will also affect the European market and the price in euros, as we know, has always been slightly higher than the American.

However, as always, these kinds of rumors have to be treated very carefully, but as pointing from Android Authority, this is a pretty reliable source. And you, do you consider 400 or 450 euros too much for this new course 5X Nexus?

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