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Tearaway Unfolded, PS 4 Game analysis

Tearaway Unfolded, PS 4 Game analysis

Tearaway Unfolded. An experience as nice as it was in Vita, Media Molecule bears his beautiful Tearaway to PS4 in a version that hopefully more studies would follow, as well as a game, rebuilding from scratch and keeping family moved again. Iloi reaches the expanded desktop with all its magic. This is an analysis of the PS4 version is Tearaway Unfolded, that despite bringing several new share basis, characters, history and details of the original PS Vita, which we invite you to review your analysis here

Since PS3 LittleBigPlanet be imposed by a new style of game in which the creation and community interaction were mainstays of his amusement, Media Molecule has not wanted to rest on the laurels of their deserved success, but change root test new stuff. With LPB we met the Sackboy and his world, that we were building with what come out us of the imagination, but in 2013 Tearaway PS Vita offered a adventure 3rd person jumps, exploration, imagination and puzzles not have a more traditional game structure renounced the imagination going. In fact, the universe made of paper and origami figures that were removed from the sleeve continues to shine for its impressive art direction and the masterful way the study used all the tricks to make us partakers Vita constant in experience.

Some were surprised that they did exclusive of portable -harto needed more AAAs demonstrate their potentially, and there who frowned or nose when it was announced that there would be a PS4 version. Obviously, in a generation in which the unique portable consoles have desktop versions -Castlevania Mirror of Fate, Resident Evil Revelations, Arkham Origins Blackgate-, why not Tearaway? But we know what many are thinking. And no, this is not a fast port, this is a reconstruction of the original game expanded, with more phases, things to do, and above all, a mapping and mechanical change to get that feeling of breaking the 4th wall, dive into the game, be as full again. Have they succeeded? Short answer: Yes Long answer:. Keep reading.

"What is that? It is a Thou? "
The idea of ​​moving from a laptop to a desktop environment involves increasing the resolution, improving what most RAM permits, etc. But in this case it also meant getting moving the huge interactivity as the original had. Media Molecule sat in the Vita version and reviewed from start to finish its code: "This works, this does not. This is just as well, it is perfect as is "to achieve that goal of giving PS4 something other than a mere port. In fact, in his own words, "We have redone all levels. Maybe one or two are the same, unchanged, but the rest is remade [...] It is an adaptation to PlayStation 4. It is entirely remake ".

Tearaway Unfolded, PS 4 Game analysis

Therefore, within its 18 chapters we will find levels to ring us if we played the original, but will be expanded on this, and also with new ones at the same characters and story readapted to new controls , gathering approximately 2-3 hours of game over the original. And for example-nor because we have more experience Tearaway is so personal to be discovered by ourselves we have the prologue, that for you to know the game and probéis Unfolded you will realize that from the beginning is different . And although family's go through areas -the basis of the game is mixed with the new that you have metido-, you will see adapted to the new controls.

No more break the rear panel soils Vita and see our virtual finger on the screen; the camera happens to have a secondary role, because the connection with our courier / to do with the light sensor of the remote, but still can use it secondarily with a mobile app that aims to simulate things that command PS4 is not facing Vita, but can also connect this app down in the Vita itself and use it in this Tearaway secondary display desktop. We say hopefully because Unfolded control is the key to everything. We do not have touch screen, but a panel with which we can eg press to open gifts, use it to paint in it if, in Tearaway paint everything from crowns jewels, and continue to be the mechanics sure to please some but not to others, and to paint something with a fingertip is always more complicated and even more PS4, the topic that we Vita reference in the screen itself and our finger on it, but desktop is the finger on the panel and look at the TV, which makes this action a lot. Moving mechanical drum Vita PS4 yet physically pressing the panel in the DualShock 4 makes it more comfortable to have your own physical button, so that areas of platforms becomes more fun even if it fits.

Tearaway Unfolded, PS 4 Game analysis

Told a clearly larger scale Unfolded potential advantage for the Gen Next section lighting and wind possibilities provided within the game, and to add even more variety to your gameplay to modify the drafts with the swipe of a button. As for direct interaction with the camera, for starters, see us on screen now is something optional depends on whether we have the PSEye connected to the console or not, but if we do best, and that the things we did replica Vita taking pictures of real environments. One of the innovations in the use of pad offers PS4 is the light sensor, which Media Molecule extracted him as funny as original uses, and always to be able to maintain that connection that we have with the character on screen, which considers us a kind of God as the rest of his world. We can make the character take an object or one of those puppies paper go around barking, and throw in one direction. But if we raise then the pad, or Atoi Iota look at the screen and what we have caught us launch.

Once we have 'our' power so to speak, we aim to control where we want to throw and throw sliding a finger on the touch control panel. And we solve puzzles and other tests of skill. But you can also amuse one for a while throwing things at other NPC characters who go around-impossible to resist throwing something that was running on the conveyor belt of a particular phase. Light pad serves to give life to the world of Tearaway and restore its color, hypnotize those ugly papelajos enemies, connect to our character and light the way to see where we take on a dark stage, feeling that we help lighting a flashlight from outside of the screen, or too blind to catch some enemies taking advantage of their confusion and drop them where we need them to be. In fact we can even use the microphone as -Great recording a message and then stage-rumble and shake the command to sound like a rattle.

Tearaway Unfolded, PS 4 Game analysis

Graphically, the goal of Media Molecule are constant 60 fps. And clearly successful, even though some NPCs move with an animation style so personal that parecea the game was slower, but you just have to move Iota or Atoi to see that this is not so. Tearaway is remade, although his style intact and all elements of the original ten characters, levels, details and objects. Everything remains as an origami delirium in an artistic direction to take off his hat again, powered by the greater capacity of PS4 to show more details and constant interaction in broader scenarios that still dazzle the huge imagination with which they are created. And noise, the BSO great game that mixed different styles, including Celtic music, country and even tones topics more typical of a children's story, is present enlarged but build on the original quality.

Although this simply looks like a version with more content, note that Media Molecule has not been content to sign a simple port remaster. He started from scratch, analyzing what worked and what did not the original, adding new things unnoticed pinpoint seams form. But it is best that wanted to ensure by all means that the degree of interaction with the user who succeeded in Vita remains by all means in the desktop with a controller in their hands without screen. This is what differentiates Unfolded portable versions of the desktop we've seen in the way the study was dogged but remain faithful in taking advantage of what PS4 gives him. Again, in the background is an expanded version of the original, but moved with a mime and a commendable dedication that make a masterful adventure round PS Vita in another of those essential PS4, especially rediscover big screen impressive, artistic visionary delirium conceived the study for new universe.

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