Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Watch the smart watch Huawei's official

Watch the smart watch Huawei's official

Huawei zone 0. The expected Huawei smart watch Watch is official since at an event at IFA has been able to see the hand of the company China itself. This is a metal finish that was highly anticipated model, so that your arrival is important and also comes with the latest Android operating system Wear (1.3).

This allows Huawei Watch can be used both with phones that use the operating system of Google as iOS, expanding their options in the market and demonstrates the internes of Google when clocks that make up its operating system have maximum compatibility.

With respect to the screen, which includes sapphire glass, this is 1.4 inches and is AMOLED panel. One of the best details offered by this is that the resolution of 400 x 440, which is not exactly usual and lets you shoot at a pixel density of 286 ppi. Watch Huawei dimensions, therefore, they are of a thickness of 11.3 mm and a diameter of 42.

New Huawei Watch
By the way, the new SmartWatch comes in three finishes, staking the gold that is very striking and other plastic and steel as a material used in its manufacture. Belts, incidentally, are interchangeable.

Watch the smart watch Huawei's official

No big surprises in this section, since it has decided to integrate components which are already known and have proved their worthiness. We say this because the embedded processor is a Snapdragon 400 to 1.2 GHz; storage stands at 4 GB; and RAM, it is already well known in 512 MB for android wear. That is, basic, but that is enough. As for the battery, the battery is 300 mAh.

Huawei SmartWatch golden color Watch
Besides, WiFi connectivity is present in the Huawei Watch, like Bluetooth and sensor that recognizes the heartbeat. Nor need the usual gyroscope, an accelerometer and a speaker. The market entry of new SmartWatch Huawei will occur on September 17 this year 2015 and the price of the cheapest model will be about 310 euros.

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