Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What time should my child actually go to bed?

What time should my child actually go to bed?

When exactly is the ideal time to put children to bed, so they slept well the next day and are fit? An American school wanted to help parents on this issue and posted a table with recommendations by sleep experts and pediatricians. But that they found a surprisingly strong - and critical - Echo.

If you have no children, it's difficult to understand why parents make such a big thing of it when their children must go to bed. The reason is that they - expressed exaggerated - are slaves of the whims of their offspring. And they are now even directly influenced by the consumption of mini sleeping people. 

And so it is not surprising that over 400,000 users on the list that has posted on Facebook as "Useful information" the American Wilson Elementary School. Here is listed exactly when children are different ages go depending on their get-up to bed. Some felt comfortable confirmed in their parenting style, the others were simply grateful for the policy of the experts. This can be read out of the more than 9,000 comments, which was recorded by the Post table.

Unrealistic expectations?
But The Post provoked not only positive reactions. Many doubted that the times are implemented in everyday life. Especially working and single mothers felt that the proposals were unrealistic. It was also emphasized often that the bed walking time table could be too little room for individuality: "We do not use table to send our daughter to bed," writes a mother. "We use something much more practical ... it's called common sense." The question "What counts even if the children get up twice in the night?", Gave the parents think.

How long sleep kids
Sleep researchers and pediatricians are certainly of the opinion that primary school children need about ten hours of sleep. How much sleep a child but actually needs varies - just the same as in adults.

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