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Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

Dragon Quest Heroes. Omega Force and Horii together to create a new musou who steps forward and evolving mechanics me against ten thousand men with several interesting proposals. And convinces the merger becomes a game to be taken into account for PS4 and PS3.   

Omega Force is a real factory musou generate this kind of games where the player removes hundreds of enemies in seconds and is dedicated to clean tirelessly scenarios monsters. After the success and good reception of Hyrule Warriors, an approach of gender saga of Nintendo of mass Smite comes Dragon Quest Heroes, a game that could be seen to take a similar formula title Wii U. But nothing further from reality. Hyrule Warriors while cutting is a Musou classic in its gameplay and proposal, this Dragon Quest Heroes which is the director of the saga over of the project also gives a twist and gets bring different elements to those already Omega Force know. Action RPG is not promised, but it is more than just another action game with custom skins. We are facing a great title.

This is a point to consider before tackling the classic question: Will I like the title if I can not stand the kind Musou Dynasty Warriors? The base is the formula that is and invites us to fight dozens of enemies, but the execution is sufficient to mitigate differential and unique effect that rejection have many elements to the genre in question. To understand, it is a much more palatable title for fans of classic Dragon Quest that Hyrule Warriors to a classic Zelda fan. Without removing merit to the remarkable title of Wii U, the feeling is that this Heroes itself has gotten closer to the essence of the original IP.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

Human monsters
Is the prologue and the starting gun with which we started the adventure. Humans and monsters take years living without any problem. But in the Festival of the kingdom and without warning, and crazy monsters begin to attack their fellow citizens. Come into play two guardians of the king who were in the middle of the medieval market and how they can stop this collective madness. They are the protagonists. It's time to choose whether we want the boy or the girl, both are swordsmen, as the main hero of this release. The plot progresses meeting new characters, trying to "extinguish fires" in different parts of the kingdom and several islands as we discover a mysterious character and the whole network behind this change in attitude of the monsters. And here without going into destripes in a simple plot, but with interesting characters.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

And here begin our journey for a game that is a Musou but not quite. The combat system and disposition of enemy responds to a type Omega Force game. We have two attack buttons, a faster and stronger one a jump button and a fourth button that serves to make the special high voltage. The combos are extremely simple and trademark: sequences of square and triangle crush relentlessly and that let you see different attacks depending on the chosen combination. Before us, several are more dangerous enemies to attack you in droves for their particular patterns.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

Yes, several considerations. Although there are some areas of open land, the scenarios are more limited and less massive amount of enemies in space. That is because they usually have some goals to complete and design levels easily without much fanfare, we invite you to have to control what happens on the map. It is symptomatic that the speed of the characters is less than other Musou without those races to Usain Bolt as we cross the middle map.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

Another variant is the system of special attacks. Putting down one of the triggers activate a wheel of special attacks that consume magic points. This recharges eliminating certain enemies or objects later, and although throughout a game may use repeatedly our special multiple, it is not uncommon MP running out if we attack without rhyme or reason. To this High Voltage transformation adds full reload when a fuchsia bar can enter this state; we will be invulnerable launch special attacks for a limited time and we can attack with a devastating final attack.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

Strategies and dynamism
The items in Dragon Quest Heroes are somewhat shorter than other musou, where each phase we can go 30-45 minutes. Here ten to fifteen minute we can overcome the vast majority of us are proposed phases. This is due to the peculiarities of our success in combat have changed. Yes, sometimes you have to clean of enemies across the map, but in many other specific objectives or simply we have to defend a particular area of ​​the stage. The grace of this formula is the levels available. The Tower Defense lifelong system requires us to gauge well what happens on the map. If we go to the right to eliminate enemies leave the area left unprotected, so we must be ever vigilant to the map and play with some head.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

Here come into play minions. As we move forward in the adventure we will see some enemies drop coins you can collect. Used to invoke a series of monsters fighting on our side. A basic mechanics will be to clear an area, collect coins and minions launch another side to halt the enemy advance just as our main goal. Learn to manage monsters is important allies passed the 10 hours of play, with waves of enemies complicated. Discard those that are not worth us and be aware that a Golem occupies more space than a smaller are details to consider are appreciated.

Additionally, as we go find more complex situations. Three different sides with different types of enemies. Not the same lock step with zombies and slimes before a giant Golum or use according to the gentlemen skeletons carrying a shield. We soon realize that although the combat system invites crush and go big, there are certain details that it is better not overlook if we want a successfully completed mission.

Monsters and bosses
The cast of enemies that pacing in front of us is worthy of mention. And not only by the unmistakable style Toriyama but by its peculiarities. Do not expect some changes in patterns or an advanced AI-the grace of Heroes is in the amount of enemies as good essence Musou that has- but small details that change the way of facing combat. The Golum are very hard, knocking them down and costs have to be careful with his punches; the knights are almost inaccessible by front shield and overcome them need to know; flying enemies can become annoying to achieve them; and so many others.

But are the leaders that we will really squeeze the brain from the outset. A huge cyclops is presented as the first big boss of the game, the first of many. We sample the enemy to avoid destripes and to exemplify as is a giant that crushed without more, the title will force us to develop a strategy to destroy him, using the stage to reach turrets and shoot to leave half and then knocked to crush from the ground. We also find enemies that are based on pure skill, like robots (reminiscent of the first stage of Dragon Ball and machinery Pilaf or view the Red Ribbon) that are lethal in the face to face and have to learn their patterns if you do not want to see our dead heroes in less than a minute. Later we will see fights more classical, like a giant troll with a huge bird before we have to combine melee and use mounted turrets.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

The best thing is that bosses are not just enemies amidst a minefield of monsters, but offer mechanical and environment thought to face them alone. That makes their bosses are more elaborate than others heads seen in previous Musous and clearly bet on the face-off between our ability and what they are able to offer. Let's not misunderstand, there will be battles with basic enemies in the way, but will not be a nuisance and a chase through dozens of Gorons in Hyrule Warriors, so to speak.

Four characters at once
The cast of heroes who will be controlling than a dozen characters seen in several installments of the Dragon Quest series. There are some legendary names such as Jessica Dragon Quest V, Alena Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest VIII Yangus, plus totally original and powerful for the occasion as heroes Giuletta or the main characters, but in general the feeling is that the total number of characters is somewhat lacking when compared to how rich is the Dragon Quest universe and, make no mistake, are cast certain icons of several deliveries at fault.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

But beyond the absences, the characters that we will know and recruiting in our airship by which go looking for missions in the game map is dynamic and immediate combination offering. This is not to choose a character to fight an entire stage, but we choose a team of four heroes with a single button you can switch control between them. This gives us endless possibilities, because even mechanical attack and combos are executed in the same way, each has its peculiarities and exploit knowledge is basic. Giuletta, for example, it is difficult at first with his Boomerang barely hurt, but once we promote and pass levels is vital to attack flying enemies away and settle.

Others have similar characteristics as the two protagonists and their swordsman style heroes and others have variants it is important not despise. The King of the World Tree is big and has very powerful attacks (rather slow). Their special with MP tend to take a lot of life ahead and take multiple enemies at once. Maya is fast and serves mainly to focus on specific enemies because of his melee attacks, while halfway to his partner have Kyril and versatile lance that allows middle-distance attack with some confidence.

The AI ​​controlled teammates respond and move with intelligence, knowing dodge and attack when necessary, including the fact launch special attacks. Yes, his bar is not loaded high voltage speed control of the character and the CPU itself does not use this technique. We always follow and accompany the attacks we do, but this is a setback: we can not order them to close a particular edge as if we do with the minions, which ends up being absurd because in the end we have the four heroes in the side of the map and the other part is completely unguarded. Able to distribute our characters would have been a big plus considering the proposal of the game, but probably no other tweaks to make it a walk would be needed.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

Improve equipment, level up
While the first camp seems little, we will soon move into a flying ship at the height of the heroes we control to improve and prepare for each fight. The level structure is simple: just a phase, let our base, we prepare for the next fight and what we choose on the map. Besides being able to change the angle you want to use, we can also improve various elements of the characters as if an RPG is involved. On the one hand we gain skill points used for each character that you can assign to various skill trees. We have active elements such as new, more powerful attacks and special attacks or other passive, enhancing vitality from character to magic or other minor attributes (up tension bar faster) that we make more complete characters. There is a way to go, although several attributes to improve are very minor.

Along with this we can also equip new weapons and various accessories that bring more harm, more passive defense and certain peculiarities once, in addition to enhancing these facilities using certain orbs found in the game equipped. We will also have an alchemist merge objects that allow us to create new weapons and more powerful options. The feeling is that we have much room to improve our characters both through classical leveling (and skill points) and managed by the money and the equipment that is in our hands, which also has elements to improve. To get all other objects that can recover as consumable life and magic to a specific person or group.

Dozens of hours
Dragon Quest Heroes is a title to be leisurely 50 hours of play almost no muss and for several reasons. The main plot itself is as entertaining and has many hours of play, but also the game invites us to try several of the sidequests that we find as we move forward in the game. First because we can get treasures and new pieces of equipment to improve our character; second because often we find challenges with a period of difficulty or with a separate proposal for targets to which we are seeing in the campaign; and third, because sometimes we feel that our characters are somewhat short of levels to certain challenges, especially big bosses. Prove once and seem impossible, we will test each other and we will stay at the gates of victory; and maybe the third will think you better go prepare more before facing that battle.

The map of Dragon Quest Heroes is making more and more challenges and more extras, which earns points once finished the main campaign (with a level 45 characters who come to more or less). The end game play invites them to continue enjoying the title for several hours with new challenges that stand open by a high difficulty and enhanced by certain characteristics of bosses and enemies that we are ahead. We will also have the option of making a New Game Plus that provides the main novelty 50 extra skill points to fill the trees of the characters. There are several free DLC that are downloaded and let you enjoy new complex missions, especially those of certain iconic leaders of the RPG series.

It should be noted at this point that although there are several targets and a provision of changing phases besides being agile as we have noted, it is true that Dragon Quest Heroes fails to shake off the feeling that many times we repeat certain situations either available of enemies, from mechanical to see we cloned with some variation between the main plot and secondary. Clearly, with more than 50 hours of gameplay type is Dragon Quest Heroes this is inevitable, but it is also true that even just going through the main campaign have that feeling on occasion.

A Dragon Quest Next Gen
Visually, Dragon Quest Heroes highlighted by finished to show the characters and the universe of the series. The detail with which they have worked characters, villains and many of the enemy is remarkable and makes this 3D style Toriyama designs look much. Far ahead of other cases of a similar aesthetic as Blue Dragon to cite one example. The game is no technical marvel on PlayStation 4, but certainly works solidly and seamless, which is dynamic and moves well on the screen and allows designs to fully exploit the creator of Dragon Ball. It is not a perfect game, we look at some scenarios that could be much more detailed and more elements that give richness to what we see on screen and also has small details to polish visually, but generally do what it proposes. It is best to see the characterization of certain characters and attitudes, well recreated. The hero is an old-fashioned strategist everything thinks, while heroin is more "pitch forward" and crazier. And this is known recreate their expressions and cinematic animations where the game looks even better.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

The soundtrack goes well at almost every turn, some songs reissued in previous installments of the Dragon Quest series, other new but like the characters, feeling it might have some more tracks. The game features special effects house brand and voices in both Japanese and English, by the way, also have liked. The title comes subtitled in Castilian, as well as the menus.

Dragon Quest Heroes is a pleasant surprise because it offers with skin Dynasty Warriors saga from Square Enix, but that game was planned and designed to provide an experience that really knows differentiate. The base is a Musou, yes, and that means fighting -lower massive number of enemies and other games- simple and accessible system of combat. But added a lot of elements of the Dragon Quest series that fit perfectly with the proposed action Omega Force. The system of special attacks, magic bar, to change when characters or the full range of possibilities to raise skills, buy and upgrade equipment and manage items and make minions in combat without being an Action RPG to use, is capable to stand as a massively action and then some.

 Game development invites to play, to explore side missions to improve characters and enjoy various combinations of teams while overcoming specific objectives and face mighty bosses. It is not a perfect game and thrown more characters of the franchise, some details when strategize in combat that are too simple and that inevitably, by the type of game it is, we repeat situations and mechanical failure more from account. But the wealth of content offered ahead, the right mix of RPG and action and good audiovisual finish make Dragon Quest Heroes is the title that the closer to be a Dragon Quest without being a classic JRPG. And that is great news for fans of the series and for action lovers.

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