Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Galaxy View GFXBench passes and confirmed to be the largest tablet market

The Galaxy View GFXBench passes and confirmed to be the largest tablet market

Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It is curious to see how companies look at each other, as being marked to see what the next move (or market) that want to sell their products. And after several years of seeing tablets of 7, 8, 9 and 10 inches, it seems that now the devices dedicated to the professional segment are growing in screen size. Without trying to be very sharp, the new Samsung Galaxy View will be the largest tablet that we see in the coming months, at least if we look at the hardware specifications that have been filtering in recent weeks and have now new episode, after the passage of a model SM-T670 by GFXBench test.

A tablet with great views
As you can see by the image below, the device, which will be the future Galaxy View, you have a hardware quite content but stands out from other Android models pantallón landscape by a huge 18.5 inches.

Yes, you read that right, nearly 19 inches for a tablet that will seek to establish itself as an alternative to the professional and educational environments. And the movement of Koreans seem really smart because in these areas do not need a very powerful hardware, but a much bigger, especially in teaching tasks where children come in use screen. We say this because the Samsung Galaxy View will have a 18.5-inch panel resolution but remains in an already exceeded FullHD (1920 x 1080 pixels), so it does not reach to the QHD (2,560 × 1,440) who have been many tablets and smartphones of Koreans.

The Galaxy View GFXBench passes and confirmed to be the largest tablet market

Samsung hopes its Exynos chip
In the part of Samsung processor he has returned to rely on its own technology. At the end of the latest devices that has launched its chip they have been a real success in performance and not have risked buying SoC competition. This is a 7580 Exynos with Mali-T720 GPU accompanied by 2GB of RAM and 32 internal storage expandable via microSD,

A tablet of this size do not know if it will be very handy to take pictures and take and bring it everywhere and it seems that only bring a 2MP front camera for video calls tasks without many photographic or selfies claims. In Samsung have forgotten a main chamber, obviously, it becomes meaningless in a terminal designed to occupy the space of a computer on a desk. At least according to the results of GFXBench that defines the rear camera as unsupported. Hopefully Samsung will soon show more of this real beast of tablets (at least for the size).

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