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Bebop Parrot Drone Analysis

Bebop Parrot Drone, analysis

Parrot Bebop Drone. When we talk about drones a major commercial manufacturers is Parrot. The French take a few years and launching air quadrupeds and third generation raised Bebop Drone better flying experience and give more prominence to the camera with a set of powerful image stabilization. A lot to talk but are a gadget worth to have a look? Parrot still betting big on the category with affordable models but now analyzed to see if they are still up to it. We put our table analysis to take flight. Before the Bebop speak Parrot Drone, we teach you video so you can see what he can do and the quality offered by your camera. If you are not very familiar with the sport, it's a good way to know through this video. At first glance Parrot Drone Bebop may give a misleading sense. It looks fragile but appearances are deceiving. The body is sturdy and the plastic pieces that hold the propellers protectors do their job very well. When we missed flying and hit the ground first check that indeed this drone is hard. Light, the weight is concentrated in the body where the battery and the camera goes. Removable parts are easy to manipulate so put them back in place or we will change shortly. Setup is simple and put into operation for the first time will take very little time.

The system used to attach the strap is simple but very effective. A piece of Velcro around the body of the drone is responsible for securing to the vehicle chassis. A physical connector, slightly hidden in the housing to prevent damage, is responsible for the energy reaches the central system. The battery is removed in an instant, but then we have to make sure that is well tied not to move.

Bebop Parrot Drone, analysis

The drone comes with spare propellers if they break when we're flying. At the time we've been testing, it was not necessary to replace them despite the many blows he has taken during the analysis. With guards in place, Bebop Drone drone proves to be a robust enduring good falls. When the drone is on and takes a few minutes running, be careful when you pick up off the floor and we take the body. It tends to become very hot, enough to notice that bother hand but not enough to burn. Unless strictly necessary it is always best to leave it off and let it sit for a moment.

Regarding the design few drawbacks can be removed them. It is a simple drone, light but solid and when it offers no problem using it for the experience. The pieces are placed quickly and ease of use encourages anyone, regardless of their ability, want to use.

Bebop Parrot Drone, analysis

Fair performance and battery
To use the Parrot Drone Bebop we have two options, either to manage virtual controls in our mobile device or with a physical control that is sold in advance of publication that has taken Parrot. In our case, we have analyzed the most basic model and we controlled the drone from a mobile phone.

For synchronization Parrot has a mobile application also in charge of communication between the vehicle and our device through a WiFi network, also it serves as a guide to learn how to use, accessing lessons to learn to fly and view multimedia content we have been recording. The application works well and the connection is immediate. In fact, if we do it manually (via the Settings menu wireless networks) took less than if we let the Parrot app takes charge of the work. Once we have synchronized just have to give the button off to be off the ground.

Bebop Parrot Drone, analysis

At this point we have three controls ranging from a basic to an advanced passing through an intermediate. Each offers a different way to move the drone and this is where we should have a little patience because the interface is not quite intuitive and we will take a moment to understand well how it works and what to do to bring the Bebop Drone. By default, we will find a number of limitations and high speed but we can modify them to go a bit faster and reach a height of 50 meters. In principle, it is legal to use the drone in Spain but take care to avoid problems.

Controls may end up being frustrating if we have patience, physical control is a useful option but quite expensive prices drone. Another problem when using it is so low that the battery lasts. Each load is 11 minutes of use (approximately), fortunately comes with an additional but if we take the day playing with him and you know that you can not do it for more than 20 minutes in total.

Bebop Parrot Drone, analysis

The 14 megapixel camera that incorporates not only allows us to see through it but record images for later viewing. The quality offered is exceptional and is similar to that offered some action cameras like Sony Action Cam. Of course, something goes behind GoPro for example. The great success in this regard is the image stabilization. No matter if you turn or do tricks with the drone, the camera does a great job with image stabilization. Of course, if you expect professional results, you may want to look at other drones that are on the market. The camera offers good results but bright image usually noisy, frustrating if we try to do something elaborate. You can forgive them that much but with the price that the quality offered is very fair.

A drone for a few, the opinion of Techbild
There is no doubt that the drones are an attractive category, invited to play with it and let's try that but are justified in the 600 euros cheaper version? It is a huge barrier to entry if we only want to browse and introduce him in the category. If we are to give an exhaustive use, within the limitations of the battery, it is a good choice. However, if your interest is limited experience with the product and see what it can offer, you may want more make a smaller investment and satisfy your curiosity. Parrot has a good product but is in between leaving a little cold: very expensive for those who want to dabble, and unambitious if we seek something with greater pretensions.

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