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Calibrating the notebook battery

Calibrating the notebook battery
Laptop Battery. Summary Step 1: Charge your laptop battery and keep connected two hours. 2: Leave the battery and keep consuming without reloading, next step 3: Reloads the laptop up to 100%
Portable batteries increasingly last longer and perform better than models a few years ago but still not safe from wear and after a while lose part of their total capacity. If you want to know how to calibrate your laptop battery to optimize its duration, you can easily do with these tips.

Remember when release your new laptop and the battery lasted for hours and hours? With use and with each cycle of charging and discharging the battery capacity is left far from 100%, although the operating system indicate otherwise. This is due to the composition of the batteries, which are chemicals that, by their very nature, deteriorate over time. However, we must not be resigned to losing valuable minutes of autonomy in our laptops, and the most effective way to keep the battery in good condition is calibrating every so often.

For example, most manufacturers recommend calibrate the battery approximately every two months, so as to be able to load at maximum theoretical capacity. Broadly speaking, the process involves charging the battery to 100% equipment, let it discharge completely, endure a few hours without turning on your laptop and then reconnect it to light.

Step 1: Charge your laptop battery and keep connected two hours

To get started, all you have to do is connect your laptop to the mains and make sure the battery is fully charged. Leave a couple of hours after arriving connected to 100% and then disconnect it, so that the battery starts to burn. During that time you can use your laptop without problems (in fact, it is advisable to discharge the battery through normal use).

Step 2: Leave the battery and keep consuming without recharging overnight

As the laptop run out of power, you have to keep at least five hours without charge. If you can wait a little longer, the better, so we recommend that you do it at night before bed and so the next day you'll be all set, without making you waste your time.

Step 3: Reloads the laptop up to 100%

Finally, you just have to plug the laptop back light for the recharge process begins. To reach 100%, you will have completed the process of charging the battery. That easy!

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