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Turok Remastered Review

Turok Remastered Review

This is the review the HD remaster of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter returns to PC with higher resolution and playable same basis. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is not just any game. It is one of those first-person shooters that served to mark muscle if you had a Nintendo 64. The game developed and published by Acclaim Iguana -a one would skip the tears to see their logos at the beginning of the title was in 1997 the difficult Racing ballot FPS Goldeneye as reference in Nintendo. Both came out the same year, our first dinosaur hunter, and both were well received, although it is fair to say that the title of Rare has gone down in the annals of history as one of the best games ever. In any case, the first-person genre has always been the preserve of PC began surfacing in consoles, and Turok was one of the good examples to follow (also came out in support). Almost 20 years later comes a HD remaster now that are so fashionable and serves to see the seams of an old game but also to identify, even today, several virtues.

The first delivery was a great event. It was graphically impressive for the time title and gameplay, pure arcade, made him a favorite of the users of Nintendo 64 sold 1.5 million units and became a franchise with several subsequent deliveries. Probably the most remembered by many was Seeds of Evil and some of its innovations as that wonderful Cerebral Bore. Gradually the series was losing steam, especially with the generation gap, to be forgotten. Until today, that comes to Steam hand Night Dive Studios who wanted to keep the essence of the game intact with some very slight improvements in the graphics.

Turok Remastered Review

Just it occupies 200 megabytes, logical considering that this is a remaster, and keep intact all the hallmarks of the original delivery. In fact, as mentioned, the first mythic logos of the 32/64 bit era give way to that camera that was rising as he showed us our favorite dinosaur hunter. We started the game and action with her, not cinematic or anything like that. That was Turok and so remains. Those who have played will see that this is a game for which they have spent years in some things, and not only in the visual, and maintaining strengths first-person games today do not have. Those who do not know what it's thing is not a bad idea, if you'll excuse the failure to prove something that is quite different from what we understand today by FPS campaign.

And it is that as you know, Turok invited to visit eight zones divided by a large world to which we can access as we get a series of "keys" that are scattered throughout the world. The great virtue of the game in this sense is precisely that we do not have a linear development and that our progress can afford to reach certain keys and areas before other players elsewhere. And forking paths that lead us to new dangers, dimensional portals that take us to inhospitable places and which in turn take us to other areas which had already passed or totally new. The feeling of freedom of movement which is not as much as it seems it is still valid and we who decided to initiate a conscious way that perhaps this other way to the left, we will not be able to return in a while.

Turok Remastered Review

The search for the keys is our main objective and its development-just have an indicator that tells us how many keys to open the portal we consider- level X is at the expense of what we decide to do. It also does not scare anyone, just go touring areas with enemies and platforms that we have to overcome to give to these keys. Many of them, incidentally, more hidden account and are not just in obvious places we visited. All this is done at a frantic rate. The title has arcade FPS soul nineties and it shows from the outset: we feel that Turok will relentlessly running full speed while enemies attack from all sides.

We find all kinds of beasts as Velociraptors and other prehistoric animals to be mixed with human enemies armed with guns and knives or even some more sinister characters, a sort of skeleton with swords to name one of the first that we are in the third level. We find it impossible to aim with a view or anything: Tap the arrow will calculate where to shoot, turn the shotgun or bullets from the gun or assault rifle to name some of the weapons that we collect. Although often it is more effective cut the throat of our enemies with hand knife never lose or cease to be equipped.

Turok Remastered Review

It is probably here that weigh more years to Turok. The title shows a very weak enemy AI and very corseted. Do not expect large enemy reactions and other problems to overcome certain areas by the arrangement thereof. The animals attack us when we are at some distance from them, while humans have their own range and are not the kings of Mira Quien Baila precisely. If human one shooting at us from an elevated area with a rifle, there will remain even if we are up to their platform. If an opponent is hidden in a corner you will not move from there even though we come running with the knife. This detracts charm to the experience today, and it looks pretty limited, but does not mean it simple by any means. When we get to high levels is challenging human galloping away with dinosaurs, far shooting turrets and other enemies lurking sides. The requirement is present.

Especially because we have mechanical and automatic regeneration and we need health care every point we have, by retrieving items, and weapons. As a rule, the more powerful ammunition is scarce and that was just noticing. No missing big bosses in the form of hard heads to peel and before the bar much slower than we are used to today (mythical low vitality is that T-Rex medium machining in a huge room where there is no place to hide themselves and to try to escape). Control, in any case, the vast majority responds well although sometimes some of the jumps-the sector is platform this every few minutes to reach collectibles, and open new roads-have failed most of what we would like to feeling that we did just when touched.

Turok Remastered Review

In short, the gaming experience is the same as we saw in 1997 and that has good things and bad things. Note that not missing some details that have remained intact as is the presence of tricks that can be activated with codes and continue working. In addition to doing crazy, fight with bosses and have fun with original amendments, no less a nod to the players of the time you will feel rewarded for the simple fact of being able to reset time ago-and that, eh- codes of tricks to get extra benefits and interesting.

Upload resolution
Graphically the main work of the company providing this remaster has been to raise the resolution, we could play on TV at 1080p smoothly, and be able to play some graphic details without much customization: I have it on or not. Since the V-Sync up anti-aliasing, glow, refraction of water, mere shadows, saturation and FOV options among others. Nothing I can not move 95% of current compatible without any problems and something that falls well short. It is clear that the intention is to recover with a resolution and a flow up to day running, but the game is still too simple and see characters with very marked polygons, special effects pixelated and flat textures with details like vegetation They are simply another era. The soundtrack keeps pace we already knew and come translated into Castilian as regards texts and menus.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was a sensation in 1997 when he left for the Nintendo 64 and PC. Technical marvel for its time, with touches of violence that did appeal to an adult audience and straightforward gameplay from the first minute. It's been 18 years and is now back in HD format remaster some intact virtues and defects have increased, not surprisingly, by the passage of time. His proposal playable in which first-person shooter at high speed, platforms and exploration together and go together, has interesting things, like the nonlinear forward or the requirement of enemies, bosses and health does not regenerate. On the other hand, time does not pass in vain for-almost anyone, and patterns of the enemies are very improved, the AI ​​is null and end up repeating over account certain situations. Also, as HD port not expect obvious visual improvements beyond higher resolution graphics and perfect fluidity of 1997. If you liked Turok, it is a good excuse to remember. If you never played it and are willing to make concessions on several fronts, will continue having fun and even surprising at times.

Best Worst - Dynamic and frenetic as in the original delivery. The years weigh on several fronts and reaction patterns of enemies, repetition of certain mechanical. It maintains not so common nowadays proposals FPS: nonlinear development, exploration and platforms without automatic regeneration.

FPS through eight levels and bosses without a linear development in which we seek keys to open new worlds. Frantic and constant shooting from the hip with variety of enemies and healthy dose of exploration and platforming.

Higher resolution, some details to make it more compact but is generally the same as 18 years ago more clearly. The feeling is that although the base is what is, what has been done right in this regard. Of course, fluid smoothly (just missing).

The soundtrack is going to fast and frenetic pace that our hero moves, but it is also true that there may be times it does get repetitive. In any case, it remains interesting and firmly seated most of the time.

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