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Batman Arkham Knight: The Era of Shame

Batman Arkham Knight: The Era of Shame

The last DLC for Batman Arkham Knight. Batman Arkham Knight considered complete their journey. One of the games of the year came with some controversy on that huge season pass 40 euros extras packed DLCs and ending with the Age of Infamy, the last pack of history which goes for closing trilogy Rocksteady. During these months we have seen content that has not been the level nor the heroines initial protagonists (Batgirl in the lead), nor what has been coming afterwards. It is, therefore, this was infamy does the salvation of the Season Pass? Probably not. We are in the best DLC of those who have gone, but what it offers is still insufficient in the overall calculation of season pass but to buy it separately may have an interest. 

The letter of the DLC can not be beat. After downloading 3.7 gigabytes of extra content you can access the game four of the classic and iconic villains of the Batman universe. It is neither more nor less than Ra's Al Ghul, The Mad Hatter, Croc Crocodile Murderer and Mr Freeze. The particularity of this DLC is that the missions to give them are integrated in the universe of Gotham City and not accessible from the main menu as the other DLC. This has some added that it is important to keep in mind: we need to have met certain requirements to access each new content, so it is best to have an advanced starting or finished to give the villains without any problems. 

Once we started to hunt down the enemies we realize that the game presents virtually the same as we have seen throughout the primary campaign. We will not have too many new (a new type of enemy, of course) and a parade of other skills and requirements that invite us to perform and control all elements of the game. Starting with Ra's Al Ghul , the plot invite us to give him after several rounds of exploring and sight of detective helping to end a special task. The highlight of this mission is its outcome, with options to choose it brings variety to the argument itself and is appreciated, although the resolution is not no big deal. 

Batman Arkham Knight: The Era of Shame

The Crocodile Murderer presents quite a different mission that we dscrito with Ra's Al Ghul, being much more linear and straightforward. In this case we will give the villain a pretty interesting scenario where we basically dedicate to overcome areas of platforms and destroy hordes of enemies without much difficulty. It is surely the shortest of all mission because no trial and error or possible loss along the way, but the final battle with Croc is fun. Its wingspan is impressive and fight him in a closed arena where they keep out enemies. We also have Nightwing to do some combo attacks and wipe the area with spectacular sequences when we caught Croc. The fight does not develop at all in the way that we saw in Arkham Asylum, being cut much more classic in this case but intense. 

Mr Freeze is probably the most interesting villain alongside that of the League of Murderers of Ra's Al Ghul mission. Although mechanical level is not too secret and expands what we know to do with Batman by active and passive (this section is based primarily on stealth sequences and confrontation with enemy equipped with firearms), the plot of his eternal search for his wife Nora develops surprises in the script, without going into destripes have a crumb. In addition, a battle aboard the Batmobile, which is used rather little in this DLC in general terms of the most powerful we remember one of the new weight of Arkham Knight added. A face-to-face with a large number of tanks that far exceeds many of the own Batmobile missions in the main campaign. For a moment it seems World of Tanks.

Batman Arkham Knight: The Era of Shame

Finally, the Mad Hatter is probably the worst of all enemies we have in this DLC. Basically we have to go to various parts of the city where some policemen abducted and we have to rescue them, plus off some explosives to keep them alive. It becomes very repetitive and uninspired, since the point that marks not funny. In the final section we will have a confrontation with several thugs who already know and that one stands out for the place in which we struggle, which is quite original and interesting to see.

At this point, it is important to stress that although it has good missions, the overall result of the DLC not just be the level you might expect. The missions are not excessively long and in little more than two hours can be completed depending on what we catch us on a couple of them. Once we overcome provides little thing except some challenges and add new skins as Batman film The Dark Knight . 

Conclusion:  The Era of Shame gives closed the Season Pass Batman Arkham Knight with interesting content for Dark Knight fan, who could face four new villains in this third installment. But the end result is below what you would expect when you read the names of Ra's Al Ghul, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter or Crocodile Murderer. The missions do not have the same level of finish, two of them interesting and two weaker; To this is added the fact that having four villains to face the duration of DLC is not too generous and not add too much extra content once completed. One way to expand what we have seen in the campaign (at all levels) with some own details that are, yes, interesting.

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