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Dark Souls III - 2016 Games

Dark Souls III - 2016 Games

The third installment of the work of Miyazaki wants to soar in the next generation of consoles with a more dynamic combat, playable news and surprises based on death and destruction. 3 Dark Souls is one of the great game of 2016 to come. At least on paper and received a legacy and a legacy that encouraging. The game From Software wants to shine in a new generation of consoles that have seen what they are able to Bloodborne and to a lesser extent, the Scholar of the No review of Dark Souls 2. But this third installment numbered Series Miyazaki is more than the 'official' release of the franchise: the consolidation of a way of understanding the Action RPG that has proven successful and solid since Demon's Souls out exclusively for Playstation 3 will soon seven years. Dark Souls 3 promises to recover the essence of the saga that remained in limbo with Bloodborne, a game more focused on combat, but evolving with everything they have learned from their predecessors. That is something.

In any case, the third installment of the saga comes with many challenges to overcome in this release. On the one hand we have an obligation to compare Dark Souls, the original. For many the sequel of the game left the road nuances and details that made ​​him lose some strength. And maybe they were right in certain elements from a not so well connected world (that, Dark Souls was just brilliant and made ​​you raise, with a mixture of interest and wonder, would it be a map of the game world form on paper) for certain accessibility in the early hours, free between fires much more agile and some leaders not as inspired patterns. But make no mistake, Dark Souls 2 was for many, myself included, an excellent game that he knew, or wanted, to balance certain confusing proposals of the first delivery. What Dark Souls 3? Surely continue this way but recovering part what we have listed above.

just need look at Bloodborne to realize that the exclusive Playstation 4 is not just a modification of the bases of Souls series, but is a way to deepen in new ways that will surely be well present Dark Souls 3. The game itself starring Hunter and his nightmares had an interconnected world system much more interesting areas that Dark Souls 2 and igualarlo- without being able to compare what we saw in Dark Souls. But it was clear that From Software had not forgotten this point and that will be present. In fact, what we have seen so far and try and have strokes that have left an interconnected world between him more than what we can expect.

Dark Souls III - 2016 Games

But is it really combat inherits some of the virtues of PS4 game. It is not the same, but having played the Souls saga and the title of PS4 is clear that if we had done the exercise in reverse, going from Bloodborne to Dark Souls, the end result would be that of a combat system very similar to what will have the third installment of the saga numbered. A movement more agile, with jumps and dashes running more smoothly and dynamic and the possibility of optimizing the bar verve better character than before. The result is satisfactory, as it does not become a Bloodborne where movement, parries and send evasive, but are not as corseted as before. Furthermore, the arrangement of the enemies forces us to raise the fighting different from the way Hunter Nightmare. 

Dark Souls III (PC)
The shield is again protagonist, also conventional types much like the halberd weapon, double swords or large swords, bows and besides, of course, the return of magic as an essential element power and offers many more possibilities. We will also have new mechanics as the Arts, special attacks with weapons of our right hand, which vary by position and in effect each time and type of weapon. The items and other surprises that await us are promised that we will have a lot of weapons search and dig unlike Bloodborne, complete with details known but thought to evolve the formula lifetime offer.

Behind the project becomes the original director, Miyazaki left in the hands of his fellow Dark Souls 2 and now will be present for a third installment that his words could guess that would be the "final" within the saga . The hopes for a return to the franchise are obvious, and although it has been questioned whether he has enough time to combine the development of Bloodborne, Old Souls Dark Hunters and 3 without anything will suffer, so has commented on this game 2016 has been in development for longer than we can imagine. In any case, the high probability that we are facing the last game of the family, which carries pulling games annually from Demon's Souls, adds spice to the matter: is expected to be a farewell to the height before seeing what new projects have budding.

One of the elements that are required to Miyazaki's creativity and ability to reinvent situations that have lived intensely for years. They have passed dozens of bosses, some optional, some impossible, and Dark Souls 3 has learned the lesson of several chiefs we saw in Dark Souls 2. So far we have seen a few things but we liked. Monstrosities that do not respond to logical proportions, patterns that vary in battle more times and strokes account that can let you out cold with just touch you. Remains to be seen as others move (we have seen that there are dragons and knights hitting before you ask) but the expectations in this respect are also high.

Dark Souls III - 2016 Games

Bloodborne Regarding the last of deliveries, back to medieval fantasy environments where large castles, structures and solemn classical bestiary dragons, ogres, skeletons and other abominations will be presented to us. The Victorian and disturbing twist on the last play of PS4 does not seem so present, but relatively. Miyazaki has confirmed that the game will be located in the apocalypse, something you can say many things or may not mean too much. What is clear is that in our adventure, the motivations we have to get into this hell are unknown, there will be no simple way and context may have a darker than we were used to date touch.

Special editions and consoles
already have been showing, and running, some of the proposals through which the game will be available. In addition to the ordinary version we have other as is the Apocalypse with the game, Steelbook and a CD with the soundtrack; the collector with the game, Red Knight figure (25 cm), art book in hardcover, metáilca box, the soundtrack, a map of the game fabric, a unique case and three patches to apply on clothes; and the Prestige, which adds a figure of 40cm Cinder, a key character in the story. In addition, Playsattion 4 will receive a couple of issues with motives of the saga of From Software and TB capacity.

Dark Souls 3 comes out April 12 on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. In Europe we have to wait as it will be during the month of March when out in Japan, so the degoteo information and gameplays game since that date will be more insistent. And we can start to see if this is one of the great game of 2016.

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