Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Enabling 240fps video capture and burst photos on Nexus 5X

Enabling 240fps video capture and burst photos on Nexus 5X

Nexus 5X camera slow motion and burst mode. The arrival and within three months of the new Google Nexus assumed kick off the new makes Marshmallow Android 6.0, and the realization that Google has finally gone into the design of its terminals, providing them among other things of a high quality cameras that although they have lost some resolution, have gained much brightness and detail. Although these cameras hidden some functions that today we explain how to activate in the case of Nexus 5X manufactured by LG.

And some have sought him tickle the new terminal of Google manufactured by LG and has managed to create a mod of the camera app that allows us to enjoy two camera modes that are normally hidden in the Nexus 5X. These two new modes allow us on one hand to capture ultra slow video more like known as " slow motion "and is able to record video at a rate of 240 frames per second no less, so it is able to capture movements a clearer way to our eye with much more detail.

The other mode that can be activated with this mod we can get bursts of photos. So for now we can get up to 4 images in a row for the blast. The number of images may increase in the near future, as currently the developer of this mod is seeing the possibility to increase it to 8, which itself has been achieved with the Nexus chamber 6P manufactured by Huawei. To enjoy this mod must be rooted Nexus 5X, since we must first uninstall the native camera app system. Then all you need to do is install this app you can download below:

Now, with this mod doubt assails us why these modes are hidden? And are not available to users from the moment that launched the Nexus 5X.

Enabling 240fps video capture and burst photos on Nexus 5X

We understand that future will implement Google functions in this software, but currently are not optimized everything they should. In fact perhaps after you install a bug at random, but most users have reported a fairly acceptable performance. In any case, if you have rooted your Nexus 5X is a great opportunity to try these new modes for your camera.

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