Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S7 have the best screen on the market

The Samsung Galaxy S7 have the best screen on the market

Samsung Galaxy S7 detail screen. It lasted less than a year crown with better screen smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and those who have been relegated to a second position are also two terminals of the Korean company, the new Samsung Galaxy S7. According DisplayMate, new devices presented in this MWC 2016 are those having, at least for the moment, the highest quality panel. Although the Samsung Galaxy S6, in its various versions, they had a big screen, it was not until the Galaxy Note 5 when excelled in performance testing of DisplayMate. However, the new generation of terminals Korean company has improved by 25% the maximum brightness of their screens, reaching 855 nits.

They are some of the details that have raised the Galaxy S7 to beat the record of DisplayMate in terms of performance when presenting with accurate colors and you would get the largest capacity of brightness, higher contrast ratio in ambient light the higher resolution screen with QHD and reduced brightness variation depending on the viewing angle.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 have the best screen on the market

The key dispute filing the Galaxy S7 against the Galaxy Note 5 is due to the fact that all these results obtained with the 5.1-inch screen, which means that its components have a level 20% lower, which is not It precludes their superior performance.

Among other details highlighting DisplayMate's analysis point to elements such as automatic brightness control, the performance when we sunglasses on and results and consumption of Always On mode. Specifically, the new brightness control is what extend more because it allows pre-define different levels for specific situations, similar to what we usually do with sound. When the phone recognizes we enter these settings, it automatically switches to which user-defined and are not based only on the automatic or the manufacturer has raised generically. Speaking of performance particularly when we sunglasses, it seems that the device oriented at 45 degrees the layer intended to do battle with the polarization so it can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Finally, in the case of the function Always On, which is not new to the market as LG also it includes and before we had seen in other terminals as Lumia, so if you are out in the Galaxy S7 is to be it has been equipped with more functionality with elements such as the recognition when the terminal upside down to turn it off or if it detects that it is in a pocket, thus helping to reduce consumption. DisplayMate ends its analysis highlighting consumption screen Galaxy S7 maintains the same line as the Galaxy S5 but with a battery that has increased by 18% to 3,000 mAh, it should be noted a significant improvement of autonomy.

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