Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Toshiba-Fujitsu-Vaio alliance market notebook PCs?

A Toshiba-Fujitsu-Vaio alliance market notebook PCs?

Three major Japanese manufacturers would argue for a possible merger since April 2016. In any case what announces a Japanese financial newspaper. The three Japanese manufacturers such as Toshiba , Fujitsu and Vaio would be willing to merge their mobile operations to cope with the drop in demand on the PC market in decline. According to the Nikkei newspaper the three companies are in talks to create a new structure that could emerge at 1 April 2016 or at the beginning of the next fiscal year. All three players would retain a third of the shares in their future business.

The planned merger comes at a particularly difficult context for Toshiba that is going through the biggest financial scandal in its history with the fixing scandal sheets that pushed her now ex-CEO, Hisao Tanaka, to resign. Undergoing restructuring, Toshiba sold to Sony its business photo sensors to nearly $ 155 million, which itself sold Vaio to Japan Industrial Partners in 2014. By joining Vaio and Fujitsu, although present in Europe, which boasts Toshiba a strong reputation in North America could find a good way to pool their different costs and gain leverage to negotiate with its network of resellers and distributors in a global market dominated by Lenovo, Dell and HP.

Globally, the PC market now barely exceed the 71 million units of which 42 million for notebooks. Decline in numbers that also support locally. If this alliance materializes, would control just over 30% of the Japanese market and would delight in first place in NEC Lenovo Japan Group, which currently holds 26.3% market share.

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