Sunday, March 27, 2016

Apple Music for Android is updated with a new feature that can not be iOS

Apple Music for Android is updated with a new feature that can not be iOS

Surely you remember one of the last Keynote 2015 as the first in which Apple officially opened his hand to Android, the operating system that Steve Jobs said he would not fight to destroy it completely. Well, forgotten those times, it seems that not only its music service is becoming increasingly better platform Google but begins to have some other function than exclusive.

Last updated version
This is the latest version that has reached the Play Store, 0.9.7 a few days ago, and adds some improvements that have become the service finally definitively, after some announcements that kept us in phase Beta up now. Apple Music for Android did not quite go all that well on some devices and it seems that now those errors have been corrected.

But apart from this common work Paint and constant, we have found in this latest update a surprise that also is the exclusive version of Android: the widget to take on the home page controller music we listening.

Apple Music for Android is updated with a new feature that can not be iOS

Also do not think that Apple wanted to loop the loop as it has developed a simple module that, first, does not allow us to modify its size and occupies a space of 4 x 1 and that only leaves us control playback: pause/play, back, forward and define the subject we are hearing as a favorite. Any other task we want to make and you have to enter the application, which is achieved by clicking on the album art.

Although its functionality is expected of a widget, it is still curious and paradoxical how Apple gives for good an element that does not exist in your operating system (and have reneged) although many users that over the years they have dreamed of seeing sometime in iOS. Some widgets that allow for very basic actions without having to open applications though, do not you think that we already have developed last year with the technology of the iPhone 6s (and 6s Plus) called 3D Touch? What do you think this unique feature of Android?
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