Saturday, March 19, 2016

Does the liquid cooling system of the Galaxy S7 available for the Gear VR?

Does the liquid cooling system of the Galaxy S7 available for the Gear VR?

Galaxy S7 Liquid cooling system. Normally we assume that all the smartphones are heated. A greater or lesser extent than others, but most, when we asked to use all the power they have available just for sticking around heaters really important. This usually occurs with games when the GPU Revolutionizes and one must give everything. It is more or less as with the PC, that only when we hear bufar The Division to stop working quality.

Why a specific dissipation system?
But during last February at the launch of the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung decided to invest a few minutes of your event to explain the technology of liquid cooling that looks like something out of using rockets or artificial satellites. But does it really new devices Koreans need such an extreme measure to avoid getting too hot?

The reason there are so Samsung has decided to include this new system is to be found in one of the sections that most want to promote this year: virtual reality. Sure you know that on all bookings of the new devices were given away a Gear VR so this new area of business seems to be crucial to fatten some beads that come from years of hardship, so they can not afford mistakes of previous generations. You might think that this is a wild theory, but there is evidence on the behavior of the latest Koreans devices when we introduce a Gear VR that attest to this reality. Behold.

Does the liquid cooling system of the Galaxy S7 available for the Gear VR?

Note 4 to the S7 Galaxy
At the moment, there are three generations of Galaxy who have had models of Gear VR : the first was in 2015 the Galaxy Note 4 (although the glasses came in early 2015), which worked very effectively but I had a big problem: already was broadcast videos or games with engines themselves, at 20-25 minutes the system and we was asking us to stop by overheating phablet. That problem has not been corrected today still occurs. You only have to launch a Land's End a Deer Hunter VR, or some 360 demos for the terminal ask you a break to cool.

Later came the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 edge +. These terminals such overheating problems also occurred with warnings from the application Oculus but took longer to reach us. We spent those 20-25 minutes of Galaxy Note 4 to about 35-45 on average in 2015 models.

And we got to the  Galaxy S7  (the edge is the last one we tested) and we took the huge surprise that in meetings we have invested in play, for example, the terminal does not ask us to stop except for health advice recommending rest a number of minutes every hour. That is where it seems that the cooling system is working really, preventing the terminal end reaching incompatible temperatures at optimum performance and not halving our sessions of virtual reality, it must be said, they are becoming larger by the big catalog of apps that we already have available.

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