Thursday, March 24, 2016

Google could release an adapted version of Android keyboard for iOS

Google could release an adapted version of Android keyboard for iOS

Virtual smartphone keyboard. The development of a version of the keyboard of Google in Android compatible with iOS is running. According to the information flowing from the network, the Internet giant has spent months with the project. A project during its later stages have passed through the hands of some of its employees to be tested. However, until then it is known as the date on which the search can throw your keyboard in unknown app store, if it so decides finally.

Since Apple liberate iOS 8 and with it the ability to install third. party virtual keyboards, major development companies like those behind Swiftkey, now of Microsoft, and Swype carried their software for iPhone and iPad. However, it was also expected that Google would make the same with your keyboard, deputy natively on your Nexus with Android. Not so, at least for now.

Google will use the "flexibility" of iOS
iOS has adapted to market circumstances. Although still a software platform of the most hermetic, the Apple have his arm twisted in some respects. One of these was the possibility of allowing the installation of basic tools in the system such as the virtual keyboard. Now, with the installation of an application, we can enjoy other alternatives to native iOS keyboard itself. Only in this way it is justified that we can find in the Apple app store two of the most popular Android keyboards. We refer to SwiftKey and Swype. However, the great absence to date has been the option that provides Google in its Android platform and comes by default in the Nexus.

Google could release an adapted version of Android keyboard for iOS

A keyboard with additional features more than interesting
However, this option could be soon available on the App Store if we go by the latest reports that speak of development the keyboard. The truth is that this would be an adaptation of the built-in Android version, although with a slightly modified to mimic iOS interface appearance. The virtual keyboard come with their prediction system and writing by moving the finger on the screen of the smartphone. But not the only feature that includes own. It is said that also come with direct access to Google search engine, plus dedicated buttons to activate the search for static and moving images (GIF). Similarly voice search would include how well it works and results in Android.

As indicated, the exact date on which Google may decide to publish your keyboard in the Apple app store is unknown. At the moment the fact that company employees have served as software testers is an indication that the development is in a very advanced stage.

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