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iPhone SE vs iPhone 5C and their price

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5C and their price

Comparative iPhone vs iphone 5c. The new iPhone model already presented, we are the ideal answer the question that many fans of the brand are made in the last few hours time. Are we at a really cheap Apple mobile? Have you learned the company of the mistakes made with the iPhone 5C? To answer these questions, let's compare the new iPhone SE with the iPhone 5C.

We recall that the new mobile phone from Cupertino is a look at the past with an interior of this. That is, we face a return to the 4-inch smartphones, but showing some internal of the last generation of iPhone features, so you can find the power of the iPhone 6s in such a compact terminal as the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5C
We are facing a terminal that has been around the same rumors that iPhone 5C destined to be the first smartphone "cheap" Apple and finally it was not. The first thing that stands out when to show the differences between the two devices is that this terminal was manufactured with plastic as the main component, while the iPhone continues the design line of his older brothers, that is, this time we move from plastic metal and glass to shape a terminal that follows the design line iPhone 5S

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5C and their price

Related to the design are one of the few common characteristics shared by both terminals, your screen. In this sense we can not find anything new since the 4-inch screen remains we already know and have seen in the iPhone 5C. None of the screens have 3D Touch technology.

But if in terms of display do not find too many differences, not the case with the internal specifications of the device. IPhone SE works with the A9 chip, the same charge of feeding the last iPhone 6s on the market. This is completely away from the old low cost smartphone brand, and its CPU A6. The presence of this chip to find specific features of the latest iPhone models that were not present in the iPhone 5C as "Live Photos" apple pay and, of course, the Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor that saw the light with the iPhone 5S.

The multimedia section is another that have evolved over time, and this iPhone SE can boast of presenting the same photographic equipment that the iPhone 6S, ie, a 12 megapixel camera with video recording in 4K. If we look back we can remember that the main camera of the iPhone 5C was starring a sensor 8 megapixels, while the secondary chamber reached 1.2 pixels (which this time grows up to 5). With respect to terms of connectivity both smartphones have the same characteristics, except for the NFC compatibility apple pay working, as both are compatible with smartphones 4G networks.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5C and their price

We reached the point most awaited by all users of iPhone, which is none other than the price of the iPhone SE. If we look back, we recall how many of these users felt somewhat disappointed to see that the low cost smartphone brand presented a price of 599 euros, a price well above what everyone expected.

Now, the main change from the iPhone 5C is the price, giving the impression that Apple finally has learned the lesson. Half. During the presentation it indicated that the smartphone will cost 399 and 499 dollars respectively depending on the selected version, if you opt for the 16GB model or 64GB of storage. The prices is about of 489 and 589 euros.

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