Saturday, March 26, 2016

Reduce iPhone screen brightness by press the home button

Reduce iPhone screen brightness by press the home button

No need to jailbreak the device, the Apple iPhone has many tricks inside that expand with each evolution of IOS operating system. One of these tricks seem only possible by releasing the device, and although he has been circulating the net for quite some time, today there are many users who know so today we explain how to reduce the brightness of the iPhone screen beyond possible levels with the standard controls for brightness adjustment.

Again, to launch this trick iPhone must access one of the most overlooked by users of users of a mobile device Apple menu: Accessibility settings. The setting allows you to enjoy a screen brightness below normal, simply pressing the home button on the phone, so it is more than obvious alternative to the new Night Shift mode that has come with the latest betas of iOS 9.3.

The steps in the iPhone are quite simple, and does not refer to a hidden flaw in the firmware of the device, in fact, the trick is based on minor adjustments to the configuration of the device available to any user, as the following video demonstrates.

Sets the automatic screen brightness iPhone step by step
If you want to reduce the brightness of your iPhone screen with just a tap home button just you have to follow these steps:
  • Go to Settings> General> Accessibility and activates the Zoom iOS
  • At this time, a zoom window will appear. So far so normal, but a new setup menu if we do a triple tap the screen with three fingers, appears.
  • At this point you should choose the second option, which refers to the activation of Zoom full screen iPhone to expand the scale of the entire screen. To this we must use the slider that appears at the bottom of the iPhone to zoom out until the display returns to its normal size.
  • From the pop-up menu, select the filter "Low Light". This will significantly reduce the screen brightness.
  • Back in the Accessibility menu, scroll to the bottom and within the options shortcut home button, select Zoom.
Thus, whenever you want to change the brightness of your iPhone screen quickly from the home device button, just press three times the above phone button.

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