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Sheltered Analysis

Sheltered Analysis

The resemblance between Sheltered and Fallout Shelter is too suspicious to be a coincidence, but the fact is that, although based a bit on the post - apocalyptic universe of the classic Fallout, Sheltered was announced before the game for mobile. In any case, the game Unicube and Team17 comes to home platforms PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 where no direct competition with the title of Bethesda. Its title already hints at what this management game: a shelter. There is no plot development and presents us a world devastated by some kind of cataclysm that has decimated the population and pollutes basic resources such as water and air. We started with a small group of four individuals, two adults and two children, fully editable appearance and characteristics oriented intelligence, strength, with lower consumption of food or rest faster forming the initial family. You can even add a pet that offers some advantage.

The goal is to withstand the maximum alive and manage daily life of this group they can join more characters. As the days pass appear natural needs, eating and drinking, but also many others. Sheltered is a complex game for the large number of requests that begin to emerge soon, and that each individual will need to make their needs sleep, you can you sick, ask a shower, all it multiplied by the number of inhabitants of this underground base. Space for placing objects is limited to the rooms that we unblocking, and building materials are consumed. It is a vicious circle that we must maintain balanced growth.

The retreat begins with little space. With the passage of time, you can expand rooms to place new objects. As if that were not enough, the wear of the installations is constant. You have to clean the waste generator and even air filters or water, located on the outside of the shelter. For these tasks manufacturing and maintenance have improved work table a level, more and better objects to construct to create a rudimentary sleeping bag and bed later, or use a cauldron before disposing of the coveted toilet. The passage of time is fast and whenever we on time can rewind the clock, but sooner or later begin the burdens and tight supplies also each job keeps busy a person for a few minutes and sometimes not given keep up with the requests.

Sheltered Analysis

So far we have talked about the needs of our family, but how those resources for food and construction are obtained? You have to go outside. The base has a radio to locate interesting points on the map or call a merchant for exchanging objects -they also occasionally come to your door with a curious exchange: each object has a price and you have to match or exceed what gives us the seller. Perhaps you have left short walk in wood and cement or food.

The increase in machinery and personnel also raises the needs and problems.
However the best way to get new food and materials is sending characters expedition, alone or in pairs. If you found farms or buildings thanks to the radio you can go to fixed shot, otherwise you give groped. By selecting the point on the map water consumption indicated, so do not come free; more distance, more reserves needed. Oh, and we also need gas masks or special suit to prevent radiation.

Partway journey through these wastelands receive instructions by radio from peers. Hopefully we will say that they have found an interesting place and a series of objects to bring back. While we still have space, any tool is valuable. Sometimes we will find characters to engage in a little dialogue, and will be possible to join in our base. Of course, there is a period of loyalty necessary for them to be fully integrated into the group, and sometimes not all guests are welcome. In fact, on occasion we will have to fight strangers, or one of the guests decided to break the material and leave. 

Sheltered Analysis

We have hardly mentioned all the management possibilities. For example, when death comes to one of the characters, the body must be treated carefully because it could psychologically affect a colleague. To prevent the body is in sight of the rest of the team must dig his grave. Pets like a cat, or the use of music, help lower the stress of the base. As we see, there are many factors to consider every minute.

By exploring new places you find more characters. Not all are friendly.
Our biggest complaint is that Sheltered often success is based on randomness, and that disrupts the entire chain management. Water and food are two basic needs, and as the characters return trip, one or two will be asked shower consumption- much of which is carried. It is very easy for problems to come caused by one single detail to dwindle such a basic right. Investigate not always reward locations with canned food and easy to get to an impasse in which you see your population is in danger but you can not do anything because acting consume something that is even more necessary. It is a slow and painful virtual death. You can not always rely on rain in time to save the game appears.

Sheltered Analysis

More than a problem of difficulty, sometimes it gives the impression Sheltered too dependent on multiple factors unrelated to how well you play, to be more complicated than it should play. As little help, and quite necessary in consoles where control menus and targeted is not as satisfying as with a mouse, you can automate your characters to meet their needs by themselves. If you are sleepy and there is a free bed, they go to sleep, or eat will go hungry. Perhaps spending is greater than rushing the limits manually, but it is an option which in our case we use almost from the beginning to avoid permanent care of each member and seems essential.

Repairs and improves installation, is worn by use.
Another issue that reduces a little fun is that for many days of departure does not arise any unforeseen event or dedicate and only survival. That is not enough for the number of objects to repair and improve, but when our intention is simply to endure for weeks and months to do a bit repetitive. Of course, that does not mean we like to see bandits raiding our home to give more vidilla to events, but be aware of many systems from the first minute just by wearing the user when the goal is to resist the maximum number of days possible and be in a good position on the boards Records.

The team has opted for pixelated low resolution graphics. This is one of those games where it seems that art has been chosen by simple inertia. What a few years ago brought personality-for differentiation of so called "triple A" no longer has the same effect, and if you bet on the pixel-art to save work here is unjustified, it is a game that practically runs on the screen underground. with a little more detail you could better appreciate the personalization and shelter environment. For the record, neither it is wrong: the characters are well animated and the music is not too intrusive. It is developed primarily by two people, it is difficult to demand more.

Sheltered Analysis

The graphics could be better, especially for the limited variety of scenarios.
For Sheltered is a bit strange because most problems do not come from a simplicity in gameplay, rather on the contrary. It is overloaded with elements and relies too heavily on luck, a problem that becomes chronic in the long term; a current game can take us several hours. In addition, the apparent freedom of action tends to be very limited in practice by the limited amount of resources available, which means that often must do all you can, not what you would like. A more realistic pressure or elaborate it does not always equate to more entertainment. Despite these criticisms, the gamer will appreciate the genre found on a tightrope. And as often happens in these games, as we move more makeup options open repetitiveness. It is far from being a jewel, but amply fulfills what is asked of him.

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