Monday, March 28, 2016

The FBI can unlocks the iPhone 5c encryption author?

The FBI can unlocks the iPhone 5c encryption author?

IOS privacy. Despite the intense friction between the FBI and Apple because of the refusal of Californians to facilitate decryption of data stored in one of your iPhone -iPhone 5c, the story does not end up in court. And not because Apple has yielded to the claims of the first, but because the US Justice Department announced that they have finally gained access to the information in the smartphone. The legal battle comes to an end, for now, since the debate generated by the first news about the position of the FBI to force Apple and refusal to provide its assistance has penetrated deep into the sector. Thus is created a precedent given the impact of the measures necessary for manufacturers to provide methods of "reverse engineering" to read encrypted data on their smartphones clients.

The dispute between FBI and Apple
Late last year, a slaughter in San Bernardino, California occurred at the hands of the author of a shooting that caused the death to 14 people and more than twenty wounded. The FBI quickly took the reins of the investigation as a case of terrorism and saw in the iPhone 5c of one of the criminals who perpetrated the ghoulish action the door to many of the clues of what happened. However, he said encrypted phone had a possibility offered iOS so that the information stored in the device memory is safeguarded from prying eyes. To access the information without losing it, the FBI requested help from Apple, for the company to facilitate access through a "back door". However, Palo high, with Tim Cook at the helm, flatly refused. The case ended up in court and the judge ruled that Apple Shery Pym should work. The trial was ongoing, with Apple reticent and their relevant claims.

The encryption KO
However, everything has been turned upside down after the US Justice Department has notified withdraws lawsuit against Apple. The reason has not been another federal department that no longer require the help of the bitten apple as they have achieved compromise the security of the iPhone 5c with their own methods.

It has not been clear how deciphered the terminal memory, but we must remember that a few weeks ago was added to cause an Israeli company specialized. Whatever the case, the case will not reach higher in the courts, but it will continue to generate heated debate about the need for governments to access information freely to maintain national security. And on the other hand there is the current defending that users can maintain their privacy. In this respect Apple was firm to choose not to provide methods that would contravene its security system in order to position itself on the side of privacy. In this respect we must not forget that big companies have joined the cause side of Cupertino. One of the highlights, Google itself.

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