Thursday, March 17, 2016

The latest version of Google Chrome for Android recovers management default tabs

The latest version of Google Chrome for Android recovers management default tabs

Google Chrome Android. Google changed the way in which your web browser to Android, Google Chrome, works with tabs on Android Lollipop. By default, the tabs were displayed as a "floating" app giving them personality. This is a change that could be disabled, but the default appeared on, being quite uncomfortable for a large number of users. Now the latest version of Chrome for Android just this problem.

If we look back, we can remember how the passage of Android KitKat Android Lollipop brought substantial changes to the management of browser tabs Google Chrome for Android. However, although within the Basic Settings by clicking the Merge tabs option and applications, eyelashes longer seen individually, it seems that the company has taken note of criticism from users, ending this way "experimental "show open tabs.

Google Chrome for Android back to the past
Apparently, Google must have noticed that most users were not so interested in this feature as in other of new proposals by the mark, as lower data consumption when browsing web pages, it seems that new versions of Chrome for Android will bring off this form of display tabs automatically, so that the browser is represented as a single card in the menu of recent applications.

Now if you're one of the users that this new way of managing Chrome for Android tabs found it comfortable, you can always turn it back on following the same process as we've indicated above. The only difference is that whereas previously appeared on by default, now you'll have to do manually.

Of course, this only phones that make a clean installations of Chrome for Android in version 49 is applied, because if you simply upgrade without a new installation, the current preferences in the application will remain despite the update . What do you think? Are you glad to see that Google listens to users when displaying the different tabs browsed, or prefer managing tabs shown with the arrival of Android Lollipop?

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