Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The wait is over, Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile could launch tomorrow

The wait is over, Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile could launch tomorrow

Mobile Smartphone Windows 10. After months of anticipation and a series of delays and reported by Microsoft finally seems that we would be really close to receiving the long-awaited update of Windows 10 Mobile. Indeed, so close it is their presentation that would be tomorrow when the software company would be available to users of compatible terminals with the latest version of the mobile operating system from Microsoft.

In this way, the company will announce the availability of Windows 10 Mobile on March 17, according to alert from the middle VentureBeat based on what was stated by a source familiar with the plans of the company and access to the launch plan software . Devices Microsoft and Nokia approved for this update are still a secret and will not be revealed until the announcement of Microsoft is official, but everything suggests that the first devices that would benefit from the arrival of the operating system would be the Lumia 1520, 636, 638, 830, 930, 640, and 535 640XL.

It is not the first time that points to March as the beginning of the distribution of Windows 10 Mobile among different compatible devices with the operating system, as on previous occasions other leaks had indicated the third month of 2016 as the date chosen by microsoft to release version of Windows 10 for mobile devices.

The wait is over, Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile could launch tomorrow

Good news for the Microsoft community
This update for terminals with Windows Phone 8.1 terminal has become a kind of chimera for fans of Windows, which spent months waiting for the arrival of the new version of the operating system, especially after the so alarming news that receives the Windows environment mobile devices as disappearance of applications.

However, although yesterday we announced the disappearance of Here Maps, there are some applications that announced their support Windows 10 Mobile, such as Spotify, which does not officially released a few hours only the continuation of support for Windows Phone 8.Q but updating your app to the latest version of Windows for smartphones.

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