Saturday, April 9, 2016

Analysts believe that iPhone has really considerable

Analysts believe that iPhone has really considerable

The iPhone SE are now on sale in many countries and the first news of their sales rates were not exactly encouraging, as were those who quickly began to compare these new models with the iPhone 5c 2013 and its little commercial success, despite of that in Apple mean many millions of units sold per year.

From disappointment to joy
If the beginning of the week was the news of a total disregard of the market for the new device permeating the headlines, now they are reported supply problems in some US stores where literally they say "can not be found on the shelves." And not just the street or says very diehard fans, but analysts and the online store of self Cupertino where orders iPhone 16GB have a delay of one week while the 64 goes both. This information could make all the sense if we consider that this new iPhone is not intended for public heavy consumer, who is not seduced by the siren song of the larger screens, or have the phone with more advanced design, and it is able to wait several days before making the purchase decision.

Sales and profit margin
However, although demand is outstripping supply, it is to see what the sales forecasts were Apple. So, the analyst Amit Daryanani of RBC Capital Markets has confirmed that breakage of stock  of iPhone SE and has given a figure of what the terminal could sell this year: 15 million units. That would mean that Apple could reach 40 million smartphones sold in 2016 only models with 4 inch screen, if all variants has been for sale, as discontinued and add iPhone 5s.

Moreover, analysts say the iPhone is not as profitable as other models of the house as margins leaving each unit sold is 35 percent on its price. This, on estimated sales account for about 6,800 million dollars of revenue in 2016, which translated into net profit will involve 1.280 million will go to the accounts of the company. Do you look bad data?

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