Saturday, April 2, 2016

Live Barcelona FC - Real Madrid with Samsung Gear VR

Live Barcelona FC - Real Madrid with your Samsung Gear VR

Today comes another more Classic League football. One who say it is decaf because the FC Barcelona already has the championship in his pocket, but surely if you ask fans of both teams do not think so. Anyway, even if you have no incentive to follow this afternoon, you know it will be the first of the meetings that you can use using your Gear VR. Samsung and Movistar + have reached an agreement to provide all users with a Gear VR (and Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge +, Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge) Classic today live from the Camp Nou from 20: 30h.

It is a virtual VIP box inside the stadium, from which "It can live the excitement of being in the stadium thanks to Samsung Gear VR . The viewer becomes exceptionally well in his own director of the Classic, choosing his gaze the perspective from which to enjoy the game at all times. Through a VR application a VIP box located in a privileged area of Camp Nou "is recreated.

Live Barcelona FC - Real Madrid with Samsung Gear VR

Three views
This live broadcast tests allow us to watch the game from three different cameras and all are 360 : the VIP box and behind each of the goals. That is, we can see what happens both in the field and around us, especially contemplate the faces of those closest to the camera fans. In addition to the available prospects, we will have at our disposal the regular broadcasting (TV) Movistar + and access to detailed statistics, lineups, etc., nodding toward the bottom of the image.

The importance of this live broadcast tests Movistar + is to be completely free to all users with a Gear VR and can access the platforms Oculus, where the application you have to download is. Of course, we recommend that you have properly charged the phone because autonomy tends to drop considerably when we put the VR glasses. Are you going to try to see El Clasico in a completely different way?

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