Friday, April 1, 2016

The Huawei P9 be the first Leica camera

The Huawei P9 be the first Leica camera

A few weeks ago the collaboration between the manufacturer and the historic Huawei brand Leica cameras that promised the arrival of products with the signature stamp photographic camera was announced. However, we do not expect it to be as soon as it is confirmed today that the perspective of Huawei P9 will come backed by Leica.

In addition to the double lens, it seems that Huawei very high bet Huawei P9 and camera. A few weeks ago it was made ​​known collaboration between the Chinese brand and the historic German firm Leica , with over 150 years experience in this field. The influence of the historic rival of Carl Zeiss, which has signed the best cameras of Nokia in recent times, will soon reach the end of the Asian firm is that Guo Ping, CEO of Huawei in person said: "we are about to launch the Huawei P9 very soon and is a product in which we have worked with Leica."

Less than a week of Huawei P9 presentation
It is a complete presentation of credentials for the event that will tell you live from London on April 6 and in which we will finally see on stage at Huawei P9 and according to all the rumors, at least 4 variants of the same model. Yesterday we gathered some information about them focused on a very interesting part of the terminals, and do not talk about his sheet, but its price.

And it is that features and power we discussed also recently over the terminal by known test AnTuTu in which revealed the existence of a new Kirin 955 for the processor and 4 GB of RAM, and other details Data - sheet. Moreover, although we only have a few days to know the team, they are not infrequently those who have already surprised us with some stolen pictures where we reveal things like its dual camera and certain parts of your design. Anyway, we just have to wait and April 6 to learn the details of this device and also from those of P9 Lite and P9 Max that surely will accompany him.

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