Saturday, May 7, 2016

Control Spotify or Google Music from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge panel

Control Spotify or Google Music from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge panel

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Music. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is not only a very attractive terminal by the curved shape of your screen, but also this allows us to enjoy several apps that take advantage of this exclusive area of the screen to be executed. Now we offer a new feature that will allow us to control several of the most popular music apps from the panel Edge of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This new function will give us more hand control of the music we hear. The panel Edge Samsung Galaxy S7 offers many functions natively thanks to Samsung apps created specifically for this area of the device screen. These affect multiple facets of the phone, such as managing contacts or calls.

This time we offer the possibility of adding a new, as is the control of the music we listen to different music apps, among which are the most popular, such as:

Google Play Music
Amazon Prime Music
Apple Music
PlayerPro Music Player

To enjoy this feature in the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 must follow these steps:

  • Download and install the application
  • Go to the configuration page Edge Panel and click on the pencil
  • Click on the button "Change permissions notifications"
  • Allows "Edge Player" access our notifications
  • Now access to notifications should appear as activated
  • Activates panel

Once you've followed these simple steps, we will be able to control all the music you hear on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from its appeal panel, regardless of the music application you're using, which undoubtedly is a great feature for this device.

Control Spotify or Google Music from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge panel

When we are listening to music and will agree to it from the panel Edge, we can directly access the music player by clicking on the album cover we are listening, if we want to navigate directly in the application. If Samsung already offers itself numerous functions to panel Edge of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this new feature allows you to enjoy one of the most popular applications on any phone, and as you have seen, is also very simple to install and use.

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