Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Find out more about the popular debit card

Find out more about the popular debit card

What you should know about the money card? With the debit card you can pay by chip smaller amounts without signature and PIN. It is especially convenient for payment at machines if just is not matching coins in their wallets. The card with the blue and red logo is issued by banks and financial institutions, serving as an electronic wallet. It enables cashless payments without signature and PIN - but you can not use it for online purchases them. Before you can use the card for payment, you need to recharge with a credit of a maximum of 200 Euro.

The two types of debit card
You can opt for a card that is linked to your checking account or a card that is linked to an account. If your Girocard carries on the back the money card logo, it contains a corresponding chip. You can recharge the card at ATMs and loading terminals on your checking account, connect to be debited with the amount charged.

The card that is not tied to a checking account, only has a purely financial card function. It can charge for cash either at a charging terminal with your Girocard or at bank counters. On the charging terminal with two card slots, insert the cash card in a slot that Girocard in the other. If you select "Load money card" function and the PIN of your Girocard enter your bank card will be charged and debited to the amount of your Girocard.

Advantages and disadvantages of debit card
Since you are using only maximum charge of 200 euros the cash card, the loss in case of theft is not so great. In addition, third parties on the cash card do not have access to your checking account. With the debit card you always have plenty of change here and do not have the ticket machines rummaging through all his pockets for coins. You need when using the debit card no PIN, the payment is anonymous and there are no account fees.

Money that you have loaded on your bank card, you can not return book to your checking account. Is also possible with the debit card no cash alternative. To keep an account summary, you have virtually keep records of your expenses with money card. If you have the card being charged until the maximum amount and it is stolen, the thief can use it without entering a PIN. blank locks you can not.

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