Saturday, May 7, 2016

New details of the iPhone 7 Pro could delay its launch

New details of the iPhone 7 Pro which could delay its launch

iPhone 7 pro. One of the most persistent rumors around those of Cupertino this year is the launch of a new model of iPhone high performance and other attributes that would give the right to bear the surname Pro, like other Apple devices iPad or MacBook. While we have seen many leaks about this terminal and even sketches with her ​​appearance, now some information from Asia suggests that the iPhone 7 Pro will arrive later than expected at first.

The iPhone 7 Pro is expected to be the terminal of the firm that offers that plus innovation and differentiation within the range of Apple that allows the sale of iPhone worldwide have evolved to lza. Since it has been aware of this model it is generally expected arrival along with the new iPhone in July that should be presented during the month of September. Well, this time new information arriving from Japan suggest that we will not see the iPhone 7 Pro in this generation.

New details of the iPhone 7 Pro could delay its launch

Dimensions iPhone 7 Pro
Since the Japanese country two plans for the launch of this new model are detailed. On the one hand the possibility that this replaces the model Plus directly or to complete the range along the normal iPhone and the model Plus is shuffled, for what would be a prerequisite that the iPhone 7 Pro iPhone came to market with a screen a minimum size of 5.7 inches. Thus the range of Apple would consist of the iPhone SE, the iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Pro together the iPhone 7 Plus. But according to information arriving today in Japan, most likely to see this range with the Pro model for next generation will arrive in 2017.

New details of the iPhone 7 Pro could delay its launch

iPhone 7 Side concept
Since Japan also talk about the Smart Connector could mount the iPhone 7 Pro, and stressing the same source that could have a real meaning in the next model iPhone Pro. The inclusion of this connector would allow the iPhone 7 Pro enjoy some additional accessories, such as keyboards or other accessories oriented productivity, and that would give real meaning to the name "Pro" of this model as in the case of the new range of iPad has hit the market in recent months. The summary of all this is that it is highly likely that the iPhone 7 Pro never reaches the market, and that the release of this new range of iPhone see it in 2017 with the iPhone 8 Pro.

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