Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Amazon Instant Video APK Free Download

Amazon Instant Video APK Free Download

Amazon Instant Video APK. Who prime customer is at Amazon, allowed free use of the extensive Prime Instant Video offer and countless movies and series streaming. With the free "Amazon Video" app you can use the Stream also mobile and may even download and view offline content.

Stream movies legally on Android: Amazon Video APK
To use the app, you need of course an Amazon account, including active Prime subscription . Once you have the "Amazon Video" app installed with the APK, you have to log in this account. In the app itself you can find a user interface that is strongly influenced by the familiar Amazon surface. The following personal recommendations, selected Amazon movies and series, the most popular posts or simple categories with which you will find a good movie quickly. For a short time, it is now possible to make films and series available offline and so the offer use abroad or traveling in poor network coverage.

For this you simply select the desired movie, type in place on "Watch Now" on the "Download" button and wait until the video has been downloaded. Then you can use it in the menu under the "My Downloads" also launch offline - a real challenge to the competition from Netflix. Conclusion: With the free "Amazon Video" app you use the extensive range of Prime Instant Video on the go. Genuine killer feature is offline playback, which is implemented the service extremely enriching and successful. As you install Amazon Prime Video Android App alternatively directly from Amazon, we explain in our Practical tip. The app transmits the application ID Note: In our practice article we show you how to install an APK file to your device.

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