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6 Factors to help focus attention on Photography

6 Factors to help focus attention on Photography

Many of the decisions made ​​by great photographers to see how to make a particular photograph, are intended to highlight the main reason is intended to photograph. The goal is to get focus on this point in particular, in order that the story that the picture is clear without distractions. Mastering the art of focus is one of the magical luck in photography. But how do you get attract the eye of our audience at a particular point? Increasing called visual weight of it. In today's article you will find it easier than you think and will review together 6 key factors that enhance the visual weight.

How? If I ask you, do you get attention (to the note, go) if you walk down the street, you might answer me that, screaming, wearing fancy clothes, undressed in short, doing something out of the ordinary: differentiating you from the rest. If you look closely, the contrasts attract our attention. Many agree to ensure that it is a genetic footprint of our hunter spent hundreds of years ago. The eye movement pursues when everything still, changing color in a landscape of uniform color, the point of light in the darkness.

It is the same photographic element in contrast, takes care; the different element draws the eye to him. And how we do "different" Our main reason? As always, there are no absolute rules, but there are some factors that can help us.

The attention goes to Focus Point
This does not mean that from now on, ran pictures of great depth of field in which everything is perfectly focused. It simply means that one of the elements to attract attention is to make a point that this is the only focused on photography.

6 Factors to help focus attention on Photography

The attention goes to where there is something
Long ago we were talking about the rule of negative space. It is precisely this rule which will allow us to draw attention to a cause. Put your motive in an environment in which there is nothing, or not stand anything, and seek your eye motif.

Search Persons Care and especially the Eyes
It is an automatic response. When people in a picture, the focus is mainly on them. It is as if we understood, by default, are the protagonists in the picture. In particular, let's eyes. For this reason it is so important in portraits, and in general, the eyes are perfectly focused.

6 Factors to help focus attention on Photography

Attention is focused on that is different
In my country they say that the nail that sticks the hammer takes :)Well, more or less that is. Look at the photo: a grandstand full of chairs and where the eye goes? In the red. Again the contrast. This time in the form of color.

The focus is they point Lines
The lines marking a seductive path photograph that conveys lots of feelings. If you want to review it, I recommend you give a tour of this series of articles. And when the guidelines in a photo converge at one point, our focus is on him. As simple as that.

Chasing Light
In environments where there is darkness a beam of light often it happens that the eye is focused on it. As if he would tarry waiting for that, through it, to get something out. So, another way to focus on one point is to play with the light that illuminates.

6 Factors to help focus attention on Photography

Any factor? Have you used some other factor? Are we what you tell in the comments?

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