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Google Tag Manager: About & Benefits

Google Tag Manager: About & Benefits

What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager also called GTM is a tag handler used primarily on e-shopping sites. What Google Tag Manager and why we must use it? Google Tag Manager is a free tag management system. It was designed for the analysis of traffic to a website and marketing optimization. It can also be used for a mobile application. Google Tag Manager can update quickly and easily tags and code snippets on each page of a website. A tag is a snippet of code placed on a web page that sends information to a third party. For example, a tracking code for Google Analytics placed on a site page sends information from to Google. This is the same principle for all the features of a website requiring follow.

If you do not use any tag management solution, you must add these codes tips directly in the files of your website. With Tag Manager, you no longer need to keep these code snippets in your source files. You just have to configure the tags you want to use through the user interface. Google Tag Manager can integrate Firebase Analytics tags, Floodlight and third-party tags such as a tag for Facebook. Google GTM also allows custom tags.

Google Tag Manager: About & Benefits

With Google Tag Manager, you can actually manage your own tags using a simple Web interface. You no longer have to change many bits codes on your pages, a single code is sufficient, the Tag Manager. You can add and update AdWords and Google Analytics tags and many others via the Tag Manager. It has become an essential tool for the traffic manager.

Why and when we have to use Tag Manager?
As written above, Google Tag Manager avoids the intervention of a web developer when configuring your tags. It also reduces the errors in your code and more time and budget to your marketing campaigns.

If you want for example to add features to your e-commerce site, it will certainly add or change a code snippet to get a statistical return. This is the case if you want to set up followed conversions on specific actions, eg the click of a button call to action downloading a white paper. Adding and modifying JavaScript tags are now essential to meet marketing needs.

Google Tag Manager allows to manage everything in one place and gain flexibility and responsiveness. This is for example an ideal tool if you need to track ad performance of an Adwords campaign  or set up monitoring events in Analytics. GTM saves you time and keeps you working on the code for your site.

The benefits using Google Tag Manager
The management of all your tags in one place with Tag Manager provides the following benefits:
  • The ability to react quickly and to deploy new tags in minutes.
  • A very significant time savings to add a tag.
  • A richer literature than its competitors.
  • Eliminating errors through a debug console and a preview mode, they allow you to check the operation of your new tags before publishing.
  • Ease of use for web agencies through the Client compatibility and user permissions. Customers can easily review changes by them.
  • Compatibility with third party software often tags with embedded models. You can adopt the right tools for your business.
  • Reliability of the data collected on all of your domains. The GTM tag handler offers the security and reliability of Google quality infrastructure.

If you need to collect data from many different sources and improve efficiency and autonomy, please use the Google Tag Manager that was designed for you, plus it's the future and it's free!

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