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Sony A6300: presentation and characteristics test

Sony A6300: presentation and characteristics test

As mentioned in its announcement early February, Sony launches Alpha 6300 to the specifications reinforced concrete: APS-C sensor of 24 megapixels, 425 point autofocus, 4K video and 120 i/s, electronic viewfinder, burst! But still no touch screen.

Sony does not release the song on its range of hybrid devices. After a complete overhaul of the range A7 24x36 and a generalization of the mechanical stabilization, the brand introduced a new model APS-C size widely reviewed.

Sony A6300: presentation and characteristics test

Autofocus competition
One of the most striking features when you discover the specifications of the A6300 is probably the AF module. The new case has a 24 megapixel sensor that does not include less than 425 AF by phase correlation: the record all categories. For the record, it was previously owned by Sony always on the 24x36 series with 399 points AF. This is complemented by a contrast-detect autofocus on 169 points. Coverage should approach 100% (it was already 93% on A7R II in APS-C mode). Sony announces development time of 0.05 s (there is no information on this measure), so the faster the time autofocus. Too bad the sensitivity is limited to -1 EV.  This new autofocus also works with an optical mount A and an adapter ring, such as the Sony LA-EA3 ring.  The AF point density enable excellent tracking of a subject movement and with a burst rate of 11 f/s, the A6300 should appeal to photographers of action. the sensor associated with the new data processor Bionz X, allows to increase to 51,200 ISO.

4K video and 120 fps in 1080
The A6300 is also capable of shooting 4K TV (3840 x 2160 px) to 30/25 and 24p to 100 Mb / s (XAVC-S) but also in HDTV 1080 120/100/60/50 / 30/25 and 24p (50 Mb / s XAVC-s). That will deliver fluids slowed in full HDTV resolution. Sony said that in 4K mode, the appliance uses all the sensor pixels 16/9 for a total of 20 million pixels! The video is then sub-sampled 4K to gain rendering finesse. Autofocus is also improved and adjustable for flexibility during a transition or monitoring of a character. The icing on the cake, the A6300 also offers recording in S-Log and S-Gamut to improve rendering in the highlights and shadows (S-lOG3). And it could finally entice filmmakers with the ability to set an XLR adapter to the accessory shoe. In addition, you always have the focus peaking for manual focusing and exposure of zebras. Finally, a new mode "Display Gamma Assist" facilitates the development in S-Log mode offering a corrected preview.

Sony A6300: presentation and characteristics test
The Sony Alpha 6300 with the new optical 24-70 mm f / 2.8 G Master

More accurate viewfinder
The A6300 is not that of the womb; it also has an electronic viewfinder with 2.4 million points. This is the highest resolution proposed by Sony, but we regret that the brand has not taken the opportunity to pass this course, as proposed for example Leica with 3.6 Mpts. The housing benefits from a magnesium alloy frame and provides moisture resistance and enhanced dust. 

The Sony Alpha 6300 will be available in March at an approximately € 1,250, and € 1,400 for the optical 16-50 mm.

The Sony Alpha 6300 is very attractive on paper. The brand ardently pursuing the development of its range of hybrid packages by improving its main weaknesses are autofocus and electronic viewfinder. With such specifications, worthy of a professional housing, we regret that Sony has not pushed further update of its case in terms of ergonomics. The video is always touches so difficult to access and autofocus features 425 collimators, there is no dedicated joystick to move (you have to use the joypad, in my less practical advice). A touch screen to quickly select a focus area would sense. We also regret the absence of a second control wheel on the front of the handle, the absence tropicalisation or embedded stabilization. Anyway, we are very eager to try this newcomer in the field!

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