Saturday, January 21, 2017

Canon offers add dial EOS 60D to 7D and 5D Mark II

Canon offers add dial EOS 60D to 7D and 5D Mark II

When appeared the Canon EOS 60D, a novelty that brought this model, it was the mode dial lock and thanks to this the accidental rotation thereof is prevented. Canon, which has been aware of this development as sat among photographers, has announced a program to implement this new modifications dial the Canon EOS 7D and 5D Mark II SLR cameras two newest high-end has the company.

The images you can see in the header, belong to a 7D and 5D Mark II, respectively, above the dial and integrated and running. To change the camera mode, you'll need to press the middle button, unlock and rotate it to the desired mode.

The problem for the Spanish photographers who want to seize this change is that for the moment, this option will be present only in the US, Canada and Japan. We do not know if during a stay in one of these, countries, Japan's home allow the dial is changed, so we'll have to wait until we discuss some reader if to do.

The price to pay for the modification, not cheap, sincerely (which makes me doubt whether it is worth, but it would be interesting to include in all your cameras from now on) and will vary in different countries in which available. In the US the price is $ 100, while in Canada will be 110 Canadian dollars and 10,500 yen in Japan.

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