Wednesday, February 1, 2017

PolaPi is a fantastic tribute to the Polaroid and is based on a Raspberry Pi

PolaPi is a fantastic tribute to the Polaroid and is based on a Raspberry Pi

The projects arising from the Raspberry Pi continue to surprise, and this time what comes is a camera called PolaPi managed by the Raspberry Pi that not only captures images, but also print them in black and white thanks a small thermal printer integrated in the device.

Perhaps the design is rough and discrete results but PolaPi again demonstrates the versatility of the Raspberry Pi, which combined with several additional items of low price becomes a fun and easy way to obtain hard copies of our photos just as did follow-and doing-the legendary Polaroid.

The show, open to anyone
It is not the first project of its kind that comes on the market, and PolaPi own developers explain how the idea came from the PrintSnap camera, PiPrint Polatherm and all initiatives pursuing a similar goal.

The necessary components are:
Raspberry Pi 2 (39.95 euros)
Raspberry Camera Module (27.95 euros)
Adafruit PiTFT screen ($ 34.95)
Adafruit Mini thermal printer ($ 49.95)
3600 mAh battery (18.30 euros)
Voltage converter ($ 3.90)
A switch buttons

HackADay site explains the whole assembly process including the installation of Linux distribution, management programs the camera to see the captured image previewed and, of course, the small Java program whose code is on GitHub - need to print to the thermal printer image. The result is as modest say, but that does not mean to be just as great.

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